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Bring Predictability and Productivity to Your Patent Prosecution Process

With LexisNexis PatentAdvisor®

Reduce costs, improve prosecution strategy and deliver stronger outcomes

We help you implement the best possible prosecution strategy to achieve success. Predict your patent prosecution outcome with PatentAdvisor™, the most accurate and comprehensive patent analysis software in the industry.

PatentAdvisor enables you to:

Save time and money

Access reliable examiner statistics directly in USPTO’s PAIR and Patent Center and identify at-risk applications early on.

Efficiently manage your resources

Identify cases that require extra management based on a carefully crafted prosecution strategy.

Improve prosecution outcomes and stakeholder expectations

Powerful examiner analytics enable transparency and predictability.

Evaluate the performance of competing firms

Measure corporate and law firm prosecution performance against USPTO averages.

From patent attorneys, for patent attorneys

PatentAdvisor has been developed by patent attorneys, brought to life by IT developers and data scientists, and is constantly enhanced through first-hand feedback from AM Law 100® thought leaders.

Streamline your processes and take examiner variability out of the equation

Learn how we support your process to drive new efficiencies and bring predictability to prosecution.

IP Year in Review PatentAdvisor Extension

Access reliable examiner statistics directly in the USPTO’s PAIR and Patent Center

Get immediate access to the most essential examiner and art unit statistics directly on the USPTO’s websites with the free PatentAdvisor™ Extension. Save time switching between applications and guide prosecution strategy, streamline processes, foster more predictable outcomes and build trust among your stakeholders. Available on Chrome™, Firefox®, and Microsoft Edge®.

QuickPAIR Expanded Timeline
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Get a complete bird’s eye view of a patent application 

Understanding the path to patent approval is difficult, sometimes spanning years and multiple attorneys. The PatentAdvisor QuickPAIR timeline design provides a complete visualization of the prosecution process of a patent application, including quick access to all associated office actions and appeal documents. 

  • Get immediate “bird’s eye view” of the prosecution lifecycle for any application to save time and increase comprehension​ 
  • Quickly open important documents without searching through the long list of IFW documents​ 
  • Use the “window of opportunity” to strategize how long an application’s prosecution might take​ 

Predict the likelihood of winning the examiner lottery and identify high-risk cases

Tailor your patent application to target the most favorable tech center group and predict the likelihood of being assigned to a specific type of examiner with the LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® Examiner Lottery Framework™.

  • Identify target tech center groups with a higher chance for a favorable examiner using the Tech Center Navigator (formerly PathWays™).
  • Infer the current makeup of patent examiners (most to least favorable) in an art unit with the ETA Distribution™.
  • Identify the probability of being assigned to a specific type of examiner using the Lottery Map™ feature.
  • Predict the type and quantity of rejections and the likelihood of a grant based on statistical models in QuickPAIR.

Anticipate an examiner’s behavior for better prosecution outcomes

Now you can easily, and with more accuracy than ever, predict your assigned examiner’s behavior. With variability at every level of the USPTO, use Examiner Time Allocation (PatentAdvisor ETA™) to visually see how efficient or inefficient your assigned examiner works and tailor your prosecution strategy accordingly.

Examiner Time Allocation (PatentAdvisor ETA™) is a more reliable predictor of an examiner’s behavior than allowance rate because it:

  • Includes all pending applications
  • Factors how long the examiner has been at the patent office
  • Is driven by the examiner’s behaviors, not by the filer’s actions

Appeal or not? Find the winning arguments

With access to valuable historical ex parte appeals information, PTAB Decisions makes LexisNexis the only prosecution analytics platform with more than 124,000 pre-grant decisions tagged to 227 legal issues supporting data-driven decision making, reducing prosecution and leading to higher quality patents.

Benchmark your own or your law firm’s prosecution performance and win new clients

Quickly create insightful data-backed reports on prosecution performance with the PatentAdvisor™ Business Development & Analysis feature. Create reports that:

  • Take examiner difficulty out of the equation and score purely for prosecution efficiency based on the proprietary PatentAdvisor™ Efficiency Score
  • Compare and benchmark your prosecution performance against that of your peers
  • Are based on objective prosecution performance metrics as opposed to examiner efficiency
  • Justify external legal spend to stakeholders and demonstrate value to clients

Find patent licensing opportunities based on examiner citation analytics

Proactively identify licensing opportunities, infringement risks, and ways to maximize portfolio value with the new PatentAdvisor™ Examiner Rejection Analysis. Utilize powerful insights derived from 20+ years of 102 and 103 rejection data to: 

  • Find monetization opportunities 
  • Protect your intellectual property efficiently 
  • Maximize the value of your portfolio 
  • Stay ahead of your competition
  • Strengthen your negotiating position

Search a comprehensive database of over 98 million OCR’d Image File Wrapper documents

Our File Wrapper search tool enables full-text, document-level searches, helping you to save time preparing your responses for any examiner communication during the application process. The database goes as far back as “Day 1” of USPTO publishing these documents. Powered with these insights, you can: 

  • Stay up-to-date since nearly 1 million applications are being checked daily. On average, 20,000+ new OCR’d File Wrapper PDFs are added annually to the database.
  • Get an edge by using the only prosecution analytics platform delivering keyword-based full-text search of USPTO file wrapper documents.
  • Streamline your workflow by seamlessly integrating this resource into your workflows, thus elevating prosecution efficiency to new levels. 

Ready for better prosecution outcomes? Schedule a PatentAdvisor demo

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Let us help you bring predictability to your prosecution process and better manage stakeholders’ expectations.

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