Innovation Report: The Global Top 100 Patent Organizations

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  • Learn from the success strategies of leading companies in cutting-edge sectors like battery technology and pharmaceuticals.
Innovation Report 2024 on iPad
Innovation Report 2024 on iPad

Innovation Report Reveals the Trailblazers of Tomorrow

Innovation Momentum 2024: The Global Top 100” shows the top 100 global organizations displaying outstanding innovation momentum over the last two years. With exclusive insights powered by LexisNexis® PatentSight+ IP analytics and intelligence, this innovation report uncovers the organizations that have not only set the pace but are defining the future of innovation. Highlighting trailblazing IP portfolios that are charting the course for future development, the report sheds light on pivotal industry trends. Get answers to questions like:

  • Which sectors are leading the charge in innovation, marking shifting industry dynamics?
  • What impact have the recent M&As had on the innovation leaderboard?
  • Which companies are developing small but impactful patent portfolios?
  • What are some of the IP strategies adopted by leading innovators?

The innovation report and its findings offer invaluable insights into the current technology landscape for IP professionals, business leaders and other stakeholders who are making decisions for the future.

Innovation Report:
IP Analytics Uncover Technology Titans

Innovation Report 2024 Methodology

The Innovation Momentum methodology leverages elements of the Patent Asset Index, an industry-proven portfolio quality metric, to provide an impartial means of identifying innovators who have excelled in the past two years.  Whether it’s a burgeoning startup or a tech giant, this unique approach levels the playing field. Download the report to learn more about the sophisticated methodology that bolsters its claims.

Voices of the Top 100 Winners

Innovation Report 2024 Winner Section
Small (in comparison) but mighty! We focus on quality over quantity when it comes to creating and protecting innovation. We are thrilled that our efforts to create an impactful IP portfolio in our industry and adjacent industries has been validated by LexisNexis. IP creation tends to be well in advance of industry inflections, and by analyzing patents we can identify emerging trends early despite patents generally being a lagging indicator.
Ryan Liebengood, Corporate Director IP & Licensing, ASM
Innovation Report 2024 Winner ASM

Innovation Report 2024 Winner CureVac

“CureVac has been at the forefront of innovation in mRNA technology for more than two decades, a testament to the outstanding scientific prowess of our team. Our intellectual property portfolio continues to grow, with its high quality and relevance leading the way in the advancement of the entire RNA field.”
Dr. Alexander Zehnder, Chief Executive Officer, CureVac
“Competition in AR optics is rising steeply through specialized players and dedicated innovation teams within tier-one companies. Lumus' patent portfolio reflects our razor-sharp focused strategy and long-term persistence. The Innovation Momentum methodology rewards these behaviors, allowing Lumus to succeed among giants.”
Michael E. Adel D.Sc, Vice President of Intellectual Property, Lumus
Innovation Report 2024 Winner Lumus

Innovation Report 2024 Winner Ofinno

We have always believed that our growing portfolio stacks up against the best in terms of quality, especially compared to our peers working in the same areas of 5G, Wi-Fi, and media compression. We are thrilled to see this confirmed by LexisNexis’s 2024 Innovation Momentum Report.
Esmael Dinan, Founder and CTO, Ofinno
Tencent is honored to be recognized as a ‘Top 100 Innovator’ for a third year by LexisNexis® Intellectual Property Solutions. Tencent’s inclusion in the global ‘Top 100’ list is also a testament to our ongoing efforts to advance the state of entertainment, with our video game portfolio setting new standards that blend artistic creativity and technological innovation to enrich the gaming experience for players worldwide.
Danny Marti, Head of Public Affairs and Global Policy, Tencent
Innovation Report 2024 Winner Tencent