Prior Art Search: Four Ways to Avoid Section 102 & 103 Rejections
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Bring More Transparency and Predictability to the Patent Prosecution Process

Develop successful IP strategies and proficiently manage patent applications throughout the entire prosecution process using data-driven insights and advanced analytics.

Bring predictability and productivity to your patent prosecution process

LexisNexis PatentAdvisor®

PatentAdvisor™ is the market-leading examiner analytics and predictive prosecution platform enabling transparency, certainty, and improved client outcomes. Get behavioral insights to help make effective prosecution decisions, manage stakeholders’ expectations, and support the patent professionals’ transition to a “strategic business partner.”

Access reliable examiner statistics directly in the USPTO’s PAIR and Patent Center

PatentAdvisor Extension

Get immediate access to the most essential examiner and art unit statistics directly on the USPTO’s websites with the free PatentAdvisor Extension. Save time switching between applications and guide prosecution strategy, streamline processes, foster more predictable outcomes and build trust among your stakeholders.

Available on Chrome, Firefox®, and Microsoft Edge®.

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Positively influence the likelihood and the time it takes to get your patent approved

Tech Center Navigator (formerly PathWays™)

Tech Center Navigator accurately predicts the path your application is expected to take at the USPTO, and helps guide you toward the best technology center group by characterizing your invention in a way that will get you the best patent in the shortest time.

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Monitor your patent application status

LexisNexis® PAIR Watch

PAIR Watch monitors the USPTO Patent Center website and sends alerts regarding updates to the Image File Wrapper, Continuity Data or Transaction History.

Learn how our solutions streamline the prosecution process

Up for the Challenge: How Patent Search Tools Eliminate Common Search Issues

Talk to one of our experts to find the right solution for your implementation and improve your patent prosecution process.

The Inside Scoop From a USPTO Patent Examiner

A USPTO patent examiner evolves in their understanding of patent laws to patent examination with the lessons they learn through experience.

Objectively Measure Patent Prosecution Performance by Normalizing for Examiner Difficulty

The PatentAdvisor™ Efficiency Score is the ultimate tool to measure patent prosecution performance by scoring examiners purely for efficiency.

Patent Prosecution Analytics: No Longer Just a Nice to Have

Patent data and prosecution analytics can be leveraged in many ways throughout the patent prosecution process.

Use Patent Data to Understand USPTO Examiners

LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® users can understand USPTO examiners and predict the course of prosecution and the examiner’s decisions.

Patent Litigation Powered by Analytics

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What is patent litigation?

Patent litigation or patent prosecution is a legal process where applicants negotiate with a patent office for the grant of a patent. This process involves a series of interactions between an applicant or their representative, and a patent office with respect to one or more of the applicant’s inventions. The patent prosecution process is crucial for inventors and businesses alike. It is through this process that inventions are protected by law, providing the patent holder with the exclusive right to the commercial use of the underlying technology.

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How to reinforce propsecution strategy with insights from prosecution analytics

With patent prosecution analytics, businesses can make more informed decisions about their patent portfolios. For example, they can identify which inventions are likely to be granted patents, which can help prioritize resources. They can also identify potential issues in the prosecution process early on, allowing them to take corrective action before it’s too late. PatentAdvisor provides you with the insights you need to navigate the unpredictable patent prosecution process effectively and efficiently. Whether you’re an inventor looking to protect your latest invention or a business seeking to optimize your patent strategy, we’re here to help.

Benefits of Data-driven Patent Prosecution​

With reliable data in hand and the ability to establish a more sound strategy, you’re able to improve prosecution outcomes, manage client expectations and efficiently allocate your resources.

Save time and increase ROI

A data-backed approach to patent prosecution can help prosecutors achieve higher rates of success even with resource constraints. Being able to gauge the approximate time to allowance for an application and the average number of actions involved in achieving this can help you formulate solid prosecution strategies.

Address the unpredictability of examiner behavior

With insights into the relative difficulty level of the examiner assigned to review your application, you are able to form better-informed prosecution strategies that deliver results.

Promote your wins and generate more business

Promote your wins internally or market your firm’s competitive prosecution performance using metrics that take out examiner variability and rank for true performance.

Improve prosecution outcomes and manage client expectations

Setting expectations regarding the length and expense of prosecuting an application will definitely prove valuable when discussing strategy with stakeholders. Examiner analytics enable improved prosecution transparency and predictability.

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Application Drafting

Write high-quality patents with precision using LexisNexis® PatentOptimizer®. Create consistent, accurate, and more informed office action responses that reduce human error, manually intensive activities, and overall costs.

Access extensive patent databases through our search tool, LexisNexis TotalPatent One®, including the full text from a market-leading 66 authorities, bibliographic and abstract data from a further 43 authorities.

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Customer Acquisition

Objectively prove your performance with PatentAdvisor® Benchmarking Reports™ that provide reliable comparisons of law firms and corporations with the PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score™.