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Quickly and Objectively Evaluate Patent Prosecution Performance

Better understand the performance of a law firm or company and how they stack up to the competition with PatentAdvisor™ Business Development & Analysis.

Business Development for Law Firms
Law Firms

Show clients why your firm should be their strategic IP partner

Use reports that include reliable comparisons of law firms to prove why your firm is best suited for your prospect’s specific prosecution needs. The report takes examiner difficulty out of the equation and scores purely for law firm efficiency with the proprietary PatentAdvisor™ Efficiency Score.

Leverage industry-leading data to:

  • Compare and benchmark your firm’s prosecution performance against that of your competition.
  • Get metrics based on an objective prosecution performance as opposed to examiner efficiency.
  • Take examiner difficulty out of the equation and score purely for efficiency based on the proprietary PatentAdvisor™ Efficiency Score.
Business Development for Law Firms
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Beyond allowance rate: Get a more meaningful measure of prosecution performance with the PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score

By accounting for the variability of examiner complexity at the USPTO, the PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score gives you a better understanding of how successful the prosecution paths of your patents have been.

The score uses a proprietary formula that:

  • Measures examiners for complexity based on different application process actions
  • Scores the efficiency of each patented and abandoned application based on the difficulty of the assigned examiner (for example, did an application have a less-than-average number of office actions with a typically tough examiner?)
  • Then averages application efficiency scores for law firms and corporations

The Efficiency Score provides a more robust metric than allowance rate that enables you to further benchmark in-house and outside counsel.

Business Development for Corporates

Find the best outside counsel for your IP strategy

Quickly discover law firms with above-average patent prosecution performance and better evaluate your company’s outside counsels using the Law Firm Report Card and Outside Counsel Evaluation as part of the PatentAdvisor™ Business Development and Analysis reports.

Leverage industry-leading data to:

  •  Find the best outside counsel for your company
  •  Get insight to support strategy for future partnerships
  •  Support cost savings analyses
  •  Adjust outside counsel guidelines

The Outside Counsel Evaluation report enables you to compare critical prosecution metrics, such as Time to Allowance and average number of office actions for multiple law firms.

Start benefiting from reliable prosecution performance evaluations

Business Development for Law Firms
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Learn more about real-time, fully customizable PatentAdvisor Business Development & Analysis.

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