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Bring patents to life in the most efficient and comprehensive manner, understanding the competitive landscape and extracting the maximum value from your patents is critical to your success.

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TotalPatent One®

Comprehensive, on-point results with a fast and easy-to-use modern interface.


Enable better strategic decision-making for smarter patent prosecution.


Create consistent, concise and well-tailored patent applications.


Gain valuable insights for benchmarking, licensing, trend scouting, and M&A.

Featured Resources & Events

Drafting Quality Patent Applications: Nautilus, Means-plus-function and other 112 matters

Join us on Thursday, July 26 at 12:00 PM ET for a free webinar on drafting patents that are capable of withstanding challenge.

How to Be a Patent Prosecution Triple Threat

Discover the resources you need to efficiently search, analyze, and strategize for each patent prosecution.

The Best of the World Cup: Patents Data from the World’s Top Soccer Brands

Protecting soccer-related intellectual property in the United States is not taken lightly by the world’s top soccer brands.


PatentAdvisor ETA™

ETA™ predicts both the likelihood and difficulty of obtaining a patent.

Better Patents Now Podcast

Enable better strategic decision-making for smarter patent prosecution.

Training Resources

Resources, tips and training on our products.

Recent Blog Posts

Three Ways Chinese Patents Can Impact Your Business

The relationship between the United States and China is complicated. Over time, relations have remained generally stable despite a few periods of conflict, and the U.S. and China have maintained the roles of both rivals and economic partners. With the United States...

Pop Culture Patents: Uber Seeks Drunken Rider Recognition

Uber is no stranger to controversy. From regulatory disputes to employment issues, the company seems to push the envelope continually and, as a result, shape the way we go about our day-to-day lives for better or for worse. Surprisingly, their most recent...

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