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Bring patents to life in the most efficient and comprehensive manner, understanding the competitive landscape and extracting the maximum value from your patents is critical to your success.

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TotalPatent One®

Comprehensive, on-point results with a fast and easy-to-use modern interface.


Enable better strategic decision-making for smarter patent prosecution.


Create consistent, concise and well-tailored patent applications.


Gain valuable insights for benchmarking, licensing, trend scouting, and M&A.

Featured Resources & Events

The Art of Responding to Obviousness Rejections - Webinar

We discuss responding to obviousness rejections and convincing examiners there is more to the claimed invention than the sum of its parts.

Upcoming Webinar: Prosecution Trends - The Growing 101 Problem for Artificial Intelligence

Join us for a free webinar discussion on Thursday, November 29 to learn how to respond to patent eligibility rejections for AI patent claims.

Nintendo Patents for Improving Quality of Life

Nintendo Co Ltd. and Panasonic Corp. are working on a series of devices aimed at improving our quality of life


PatentAdvisor ETA™

ETA™ predicts both the likelihood and difficulty of obtaining a patent.

Better Patents Now Podcast

Enable better strategic decision-making for smarter patent prosecution.

Training Resources

Resources, tips and training on our products.

Recent Blog Posts

Leveraging Patents to Shape the Future of Fitness

A look at the patent prosecution of fitness companies who are innovating for new ways to exercise. People are getting smarter about their workouts, and fitness technology is continually improving the way in which we push ourselves. There has been a boom in fitness and...

Five Election Patents that Shaped the Democratic Process

Midterm elections are now behind us and the nation has a restored our memory of the beauty and challenges that accompany our democratic processes. As great as our election processes are compared to those of many other nations, voting in the United States has always...

#55: Win the Patent Examiner Lottery

Chris and Megan remind leaders about the new proprietary metric, ETA (Examiner Time Allocation) and introduce two new deeper dive metrics. Before you file, these metrics will give you an understanding of your chances of "winning the examiner lottery" that...

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