Using Patents to Support Sustainability

Join our webinar to learn how a new way to track sustainable innovation can strengthen the engagement of clients, employees, and other stakeholders.

Introducing a New Objective Way to Track and Measure Sustainable Innovation

Understand who the innovation leaders are—and who is lagging—in supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

A Handbook for Patent Data Quality

Learn how LexisNexis® PatentSight® has developed a unique and industry-trusted approach to ensuring consistent, high-quality data.

Discover How LexisNexis IP Can Help You Achieve Your Goals


Gain Unparalleled Innovation Insights

By analyzing inventions of the past and present to create data-based projections of the future


Improve Your Patent Prosecution Strategy

With actionable data and analytics to support your patent prosecution strategy to save time and money


Market Your Firm to its Fullest Potential

And earn more business from clients by showcasing your areas of expertise


API Access to Complete Patent Data

To improve the quality of patent data research, analysis and patent management


Achieve Peace of Mind for Your Patent Search

By customizing your patent investigation to meet your needs with our various search views

Write High-Quality Patents with Precision

To prospective clients and earn more business from current clients with objective metrics that



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Trends in Health Care Technology

Join Marco Richter, our Global Head of Product and Customer Success, as he discusses a new way to track sustainable innovation and learn how access to new insights can help you strengthen the engagement of clients, employees, and other stakeholders. Register now!

Trends in Health Care Technology

Watch this on-demand webinar, where our expert shared insight on how digital health care integrates medical knowledge with information technology and applications in medical care.

the impact of examiner interviews on prosecution outcomes

In this webinar we discuss patent examiner interview trends, how to properly leverage examiner interviews to improve prosecution outcomes, and possible solutions for encouraging more examiner interviews at the USPTO.

Newest Resources

LexisNexis launches new Sustainable Innovation Measurement framework enabling organizations globally to objectively track and report on innovation’s contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Industry-first alignment of patent data to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals framework revolutionizes sustainable innovation analysis.12 October 2021, New York, United States — LexisNexis® Legal & Professional is pleased to announce the launch of an...

Patent Analysis Tools for Objective Application Review

Why is it so hard to be objective when reviewing our work? For patent practitioners, a comprehensive, objective application review before it is submitted to the USPTO—a check on both substance and form—can help to avoid many headaches down the road. Yet, despite the...

Evaluate Patent Records Early in the Patent Process

Patent analysis is not just something to be done once throughout the patent process. Analyses of prior art references, patent drafts and patent examiner data all have their place and provide their own unique insights that help patent professionals better serve their...

Evaluate Patent Portfolios Based on Quantity and Quality

What is the best way to evaluate a patent portfolio? Do you take the phrase literally and evaluate a portfolio based on the number of patents it contains, or is there a better way? The LexisNexis® PatentSight® innovation analytics platform offers multiple tools and...

Use Modern Patent Search Tools for Better Results

It is easy to develop tunnel vision when doing the things that we do the most. It seems practical, whether consciously considered or not, to keep performing tasks the same way we always have rather than committing time and energy to exploring alternative solutions to...