A comprehensive approach to patent analytics and search

Innovation Elevated

Bring patents to life in the most efficient and comprehensive manner, understanding the competitive landscape and extracting the maximum value from your patents is critical to your success.

Featured Products

TotalPatent One®

Comprehensive, on-point results with a fast and easy-to-use modern interface.


Enable better strategic decision-making for smarter patent prosecution.


Create consistent, concise and well-tailored patent applications.

Featured Resources & Events

Patent Department of the Future Webinar

Join us on March 28 at 2PM ET for a free webinar (for corporations only) where we will discuss solutions to help you create the patent department of the future and work smarter, lower costs.

On-Demand Webinar: Drafting Quality Patents

Best practices for filing a robust application to avoid 112 rejections and associated problems are discussed in this on-demand webinar.

How to Streamline Your Patent Search Process

Thanks to modern patent search tools, “efficient” and “patent search” now go hand-in-hand.


PatentAdvisor ETA™

ETA™ predicts both the likelihood and difficulty of obtaining a patent.

Better Patents Now Podcast

Enable better strategic decision-making for smarter patent prosecution.

Training Resources

Resources, tips and training on our products.

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