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Provide Actionable Insights to Support Strategic Decision Making

Effectively communicate the value of your IP with powerful insights and visualizations, enabling you to turn your patent department into a strategic consulting unit.

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Taking patent analytics out of the “black box”

With LexisNexis® Intellectual Property Solutions, you benefit from a highly transparent scientific approach to patent data analysis. Forget opaque algorithms and analytics “black boxes,” we can show you exactly how we formulated our insights. LexisNexis® PatentSight® patent analytics solution is built on the foundation of ground-breaking validated research, which is often cited in leading scientific publications.

Brought together in the patent value indicator, the Patent Asset Index, this objective approach to assessing patent quality and benchmarking patent portfolios has become a de facto standard in measuring portfolio strength.

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High-quality data: a prerequisite for reliable patent analysis

LexisNexis® Intellectual Property Solutions validates and quality-assures patent data by assigning patents to their correct commercial owners and verifying their legal validity and remaining lifetime.

Superior datasets allow you to unveil valuable patent insights and see clearly who wields commercial power over the inventions that underpin promising patents.

Patent analyses conducted with PatentSight® have proven to be more reliable than analyses based on unprocessed patent data.

Sustainable innovation analytics

Get actionable insights into how sustainably focused you and your competitors are using the objective and forward-looking measurement of patents. An unprecedented mapping of the global patent system to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) in PatentSight makes sustainable-focused innovation identifiable, searchable, and trackable.

  • Identify growth opportunities in emerging markets.
  • Gain competitive advantages in future-oriented technologies.
  • Support strategic decision making for sustainable investments.
  • Increase stakeholder engagement and funding.

Use cases enabled by patent analytics

Become more effective at managing your patent portfolio, identify worldwide relevant patents and technology trends, assess the competitive landscape, and find partners and licensing opportunities.

R&D and innovation

Improve innovation with a clearly defined IP strategy that is connected to the business goals and alerts for new entrants and potential partners.

intelligence & benchmarking

Base decision making on true patent portfolio strength and quality indicators while relying on industry-proven KPIs to track your competitors’ progress.

Portfolio optimization

Answer key questions to define international patent filing strategy, increase portfolio efficiency, and identify competitive strengths and weaknesses.

Disruptive technology scouting

Identify disruptive innovations and promising startups to help you gain a competitive edge.

Risk assessment

Stay one step ahead of your competition, disruptive technologies, important patent activity in China, and/or NPE threats. Efficiently assess the value or risk of acquisition targets.

Licensing & monetization

With analytics on all patent portfolios in all technologies, you can evaluate your most valuable patents for licensing and even identify potential licensees.

IP analytics case studies

Customer use cases, analyses, and studies show you how to gain valuable insights into the strength, quality, and value of patent portfolios with advanced patent analytics.

Intellectual Property Report
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Innovation Momentum 2024: The Global Top 100

Who is leading the innovation race? Find out in the “Innovation Momentum 2024: The Global Top 100” report.

Customer Story
How a Consulting Firm Uses IP Landscape Analysis to Strengthen Its Clients’ Business Strategies

How a Consulting Firm Uses IP Landscape Analysis to Strengthen Its Clients’ Business Strategies

Perl IP consultants leveraged analytics and insights from LexisNexis® PatentSight® business intelligence platform to conduct an IP landscape analysis to inform their client’s strategies for entering new markets.

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A Handbook for Patent Data Quality

Learn how  LexisNexis® PatentSight® uses a unique and industry-trusted approach toward ensuring consistent high data quality.

Powerful innovation analytics software

PatentSight is a powerful and easy-to-use analysis platform that provides quick insights that are accessible to both top management and IP experts, as well as data experts in a wide array of application areas.

The software and its underlying data enable the evaluation of companies and technologies, comprehensive analysis for strategic decision making, as well as the searching and viewing of individual patents and every important patent detail.

Patent Prosecution

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Application Drafting

Write high-quality patents with precision using LexisNexis PatentOptimizer®. Create consistent, accurate, and more informed office action responses that reduce human error, manually intensive activities, and overall costs.

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Brand Protection

Protect your brand and safeguard your customers from global, systemic IP infringement with LexisNexis® Brand Protection powered by Appdetex. Efficiently identify and investigate high-value targets, no matter where and how they are operating.