Patent Licensing Made Easy with Examiner Rejection Analysis
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Quickly Find Patent Licensing Opportunities and Detect Potential Infringement Risks

Identify patent licensing opportunities in your portfolio with insights from PatentAdvisor® Examiner Rejection Analysis. 

Go beyond day-to-day portfolio management

Intellectual property is now a boardroom issue with acute pressure on patent attorneys and IP departments to demonstrate their value, monetize their portfolio, and become profit centers vs. cost centers.

How to Effectively Respond to a 103 Rejection
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Patent licensing supported by examiner citation analytics 

Find licensing opportunities quickly with powerful insights derived from 20+ years of 102 and 103 rejection data. The Examiner Rejection Analysis feature in PatentAdvisor™, the patent prosecution analytics platform, utilizes examiner citations to identify other companies seeking patents that may rely on technology you currently possess. Patent professionals can use these insights to: 

  • Address increased pressure to monetize portfolios.
  • Efficiently mitigate risks associated with possible infringement or intent to infringe.
  • Uncover a new technology space to enter.
  • Know early when the competition intends to commercialize.

Find your next patent licensing opportunity within decades of data


years of data

13 mn

office actions

36.8 mn

examiner citations indexed

13.6 mn

of those are 102 rejections

Level up your prosecution strategies with citation analytics

Examiner citation analytics delivers insights while patents are still in the early stages of the prosecution process. In addition to monetization opportunities, this data helps you to:

Protect your intellectual property efficiently

Identify potential infringers and protect your patents from unauthorized use by knowing which patents from your competitors have been stopped due to existing prior art that you own.

Maximize the value of your portfolio

Make informed decisions regarding your IP and strategically leverage your strongest inventions by knowing when an examiner is citing your patent in a rejection.

Stay ahead of your competition

Stay informed about new entrants or interlopers in your technical space by keeping track of recent citations made to your portfolio.

Strengthen your negotiating position

Negotiate more effectively with partners, licensees, and other stakeholders by leveraging comprehensive knowledge of your patent portfolio and potential infringements.

Struggling to find monetization opportunities in your portfolio?

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Submit the form and let one of our expert analysts walk you through the insights, in detail, and show you a few examples tailored to your portfolio.

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