Evaluate the potential of any patent portfolio and identify the individual patents which are most attractive for licensing using LexisNexis® PatentSight®.

Modernize Workflows and Support Regulatory Research

Use sophisticated IP solutions to implement more efficient workflows, support important research and drive performance with compliance.

Trusted by patent offices across the globe

As the trusted advisor to many national patent offices that rely on our unique data enrichments to support their institutions, you can feel secure with the experience to help elevate your IP processes. The EU Commission has leveraged our solutions to drive antitrust merger decisions, and we have been supporting the USPTO for 50 years to streamline and digitize the patent application process.

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Patent Authorities

Modernize processes and get experienced support

Get unparalleled expertise in the patent application process and patent evaluation and assessment procedure requirements. We know the disparate regulations, statutes, information, digital and physical security requirements facing patent offices and patent application filers, making us uniquely qualified to deliver the technologies and services you need to meet your statutory requirements.

For more on how we help patent authorities, read about our support of the USPTO.

Government Agencies

Assess the innovative competitiveness of technology-oriented firms

Patent analysis is playing an ever-increasing role in objectively measuring the innovation of portfolios and predicting the potential impact of mergers on market competition. Save time and resources with insights to easily analyze and study merger targets’ patent portfolios.

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LexisNexis® PatentSight® leveraged by EU Commission during one of the world’s largest mergers

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Understand your contribution
to sustainable development

There is growing pressure to take sustainability aspects into account across strategic, financial, and operational decision-making. Global patent data can be harnessed to provide an important new sourceto objectively measure and track innovation’s contribution to global sustainability.

Discover how to improve your organization’s effectiveness

Workflow Design & Automation

Increase productivity and efficiency of your workforce and your agency.

Application Processing

Process digital and offline data more efficiently and effectively.

Data & Analytics

Gain actionable insights and make informed decisions with powerful big data and analytics capabilities.

Content Management

Put essential government information at citizens’ fingertips while increasing accessibility and usefulness.

Unveiling the Top Contributors to Global Sustainability Agenda 2030

Patents unlock the secrets of sustainable innovation! Discover the SDGs that have the strongest patent portfolios working towards achieving them. Find out which countries are developing competitive portfolios in this space with the most robust technologies in sustainable technology in our latest IP analytics report.

Want to better understand China’s increasing dominance across the Engineering industry?

Download our Engineering intellectual property report, where data reveals clear trends about the future of Engineering and how international players are reacting to the growing Chinese influence.

Get insights into different Engineering sectors, including Aviation, Energy, Manufacturing Equipment, Railway and Ship Building, Civil Engineering, and more.

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Government Resources

Learn more about how we are enabling organizations to innovate and drive results through IP


How to Track and Measure Sustainable Innovation and Investments

Learn all about how you can gain an unparalleled view into the global innovation landscape and reveal opportunities for sustainable technology with the connection of objective measures of patents to the targets and indicators of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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Which Regions of the World Are the Most Innovative?

Who is leading the innovation race? Find out in the inaugural “Innovation Momentum 2022: The Global Top 100,” a report developed to spotlight true technological contemporaries across industries.

Case Study
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European Commission Relies on Patent Analytics When Evaluating Anti-trust Cases in Mergers

The EU Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition selected LexisNexis® PatentSight® and its business intelligence software to help analyze the potential impact of recent mergers on innovation competition and knowledge flows.

IP Analytics

Benefit from a highly transparent scientific approach to data analysis. Forget opaque algorithms and analytics ‘black boxes’, we can show you exactly how we reached our insights. LexisNexis® PatentSight® is built on the foundation of ground-breaking validated research, which is often cited in leading scientific publications. 

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Data Services

Improve the quality of patent data research, analysis, and management. Gain access to IP knowledge from the world’s largest collection of searchable patent data, including images and PDF documents of filed applications and accepted patents.

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Patent Search

Access extensive LexisNexis®️ patent databases through our patent search tool, LexisNexis TotalPatent One®️, including the full text from a market-leading 66 authorities, bibliographic and abstract data from a further 43 authorities. The tool is searchable both in publication language and in English language machine translations and contains images, legal status, citations, patent family data, and compressed and searchable PDFs.

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