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Bringing Clarity to Sustainable Innovation

To inspire urgent action, we have developed an objective way to track and evaluate the most critical global initiative: Sustainability.

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What is Sustainable Innovation?

Sustainable innovation refers to the development of new products, processes, and practices that meet current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

According to the UN Global Compact, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 can lead to a thriving planet while unlocking $12 trillion in business opportunities.

Companies, therefore, have a significant opportunity to elevate their sustainability goals and take decisive actions to develop disruptive technologies in this space. Understanding sustainable patent innovations can reveal a lot about a company‘s vision.

Sustainable innovation Podcast

Listen to our latest episode ‘Innovations Supporting UNSDG’s that features Chris Harrison, Patent Analytics Manager at the World Intellectual Property Organization.

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Mapping patents to the U.N. SDGs:

An objective way to measure sustainable innovation

We developed a revolutionary way to make sustainable innovation identifiable, searchable, and trackable by mapping the global patent system to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

By introducing the LexisNexis® PatentSight® SDG mapping, we were the first provider to meet the growing demand from companies for an unbiased sustainability measure, bringing clarity to innovation and inspiring urgent action to meet the planet’s challenges. It has since been used by leading global patent-holding organizations to track and demonstrate their progress towards sustainable technology developments

In 2024, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) partnered with LexisNexis to reveal the industries, technologies and companies leading the charge for sustainable innovation.


Understanding Sustainable Innovation

Sustainability is the new value indicator for investors and a key consumer decision-making factor.

The 3-step process below explains how you can use the objective and forward-looking measurements of patents to bring the topic of sustainability to your organization.

Gather Intelligence

Understand sust​​ainable progress and identify gaps in sustainable technology development.

Build Roadmap

Develop a strategy for sustainable  technology investment.


Share progress on SDGs and ​​​roadmap to reach 2030 goals​​.


Our patent experts have mapped 13 of the 17* SDGs to the LexisNexis® database of high-quality patent data from more than 95 patent authorities worldwide, analyzing over 147 million global patent documents behind 14 million active patent families. *(SDGs 8, 10,16 and 17 are not technology-driven and are therefore not mappable to patents)

An Objective Way to Track and Measure Sustainability

Webinar on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Webinar Spotlight


Accelerating the Sustainability Race: Patent Analytics for Measuring Impact

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword – it’s a business imperative. Companies worldwide are pursuing innovations to create a greener future.


Sustainable Innovation: Which Companies are Leading our World Toward a Sustainable Future? 

On July 11th 2023, LexisNexis Intellectual Property Solutions unveiled a first-of-its-kind report, ranking the world’s leading patent owners, spearheading potentially transformative, sustainable innovation and a sustainable future. ​


Sustainability & Innovation: The Crucial Role of the IP Department

Achieving net zero emissions by 2030 requires a bold innovation agenda, and businesses are shifting from focusing purely on maximizing shareholder value to considering the sustainability of their operations.


Going Green: Considerations When Advising Clients

Going green is not a fad, it is a way of life for individuals and businesses. But how can businesses measure their sustainability efforts?

Unveiling the Top Contributors to the Global Sustainability Agenda

Be at the forefront of sustainability progress. Download our game-changing IP report for a comprehensive view of the world’s top contributors to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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View an interactive dashboard of the Top 300 Sustainable Innovators

Slice and dice the Top 300 sustainable innovators by both the Absolute strength of their SDG-relevant patents and the Share of SDG-relevant strength of their entire portfolio. Filter by industry, region, and more.


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Explore the sustainable innovation patent landscape

Which UN SDGs have the most contributions from the development of innovative technologies? Here we see a visualization of the technology categories mapped to each goal, where the size of the bubble represents the strength of the related patent families, as measured by the Patent Asset Index. To see the complete list of technologies, download the report.

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Innovation-led Sustainability

Episode 1 in Season 3 of the Cipher Vision Podcast series features Gregorio Ossola, Head of Corporate Solutions at one.five.

SDGs Through a Patent Lens

Episode 7  in Season 3 of the Cipher Vision Podcast series features Marco Richter, Global Head of Customer Success at LexisNexis Intellectual Property.

sustainable innovation Podcast
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Decoding the Patent Language for Global Sustainability

In this episode of the “World We Want” podcast, Márcia Balisciano interviews Marco Richter, Global Head of Customer Success, LexisNexis Intellectual Property Solutions. They discuss how businesses and policymakers can leverage intellectual property (IP) frameworks to promote environment-friendly technologies and practices.


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