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Strategic Competitive Insights
to Outpace the Market

Monitor your peers’ strategies with competitive insights derived from advanced patent analytics.

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How can patents deliver competitive insights into corporate strategy?

Analyzing a company’s patent portfolio reveals its R&D focus, aiding strategic decisions and potential collaborations. Just take a look at how patent analytics could have predicted Apple’s meteoric rise in the smart/health wearables category. Timely access to this information would have been game-changing for any company operating in the watch industry.

By effectively leveraging patent data, companies can gain competitive intelligence to understand disruptive market shifts and position themselves strategically for success.

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Watch as Apple conquers the Smartwatch market

Watch the video to learn when and how Apple Inc. entered the wristwatch market and its path to disruption. PatentSight+ enables you to constantly monitor technological developments by delivering strategic competitive insights into your technology space from patent data.

The Power of Storytelling - Bridging the IP Data Communication Gap

On Demand Webinar

The Power of Storytelling: Bridging the IP Data Communication Gap

In this webinar, we investigated how Storytelling and powerful visualization tools can help elevate the IP department’s awareness within the organization, eliminate the perception of IP as a cost center and better communicate its value to the business.

Webinar: How a Competitive IP Intelligence Program Can Protect Your Company

Without visibility into your competitors’ IP landscapes, your company is vulnerable. New patent filings or strategic acquisitions in your technology space could disrupt your business plans overnight. How do you identify threats before it’s too late? Watch the webinar below to learn more about benchmarking your IP portfolio against the competition.

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Market Intelligence, Technology and Trust

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Featured Article

Benchmarking Innovation Using the Patent Asset Index Methodology

Read this article describing our proprietary patent quality metric and how it helps measure the portfolio strength of your competitors.

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Innovation Report: The Global Top 100 Patent Organizations

With exclusive competition intelligence insights powered by LexisNexis® PatentSight+ IP analytics and intelligence, this report celebrates organizations that have not only set the pace but are defining the future of innovation. Highlighting trailblazing IP portfolios that are charting the course for future development, the report sheds light on pivotal industry trends. Get answers to questions like:

  • Which sectors are leading the charge in innovation, marking shifting industry dynamics?
  • What impact have the recent M&As had on the innovation leaderboard?
  • Which companies are developing small but impactful patent portfolios?
  • What are some of the IP strategies adopted by leading innovators?


Competitive Insights to Supercharge Your Strategy Deck

Gain deep insights into competitor strategies with a few clicks. PatentSight+ powerful analytics and visualization capabilities translate complex IP information for stakeholders.

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UTT Super-classes

Identify Competition

Map competitors to the way you view the market with AI-powered patent classification.

Benchmark with Metrics

Compare performance against competitors with scientifically developed industry-trusted benchmarking metrics.

Present to Stakeholders

Efficiently translate IP information into business-critical knowledge with easy-to-understand graphs and charts.

Webinar Spotlight


Who Are Your Real Threats?

Companies that have been sued within the last year are almost four times more likely to sue another company. There’s no better time than now to check on your competitors. Find out how.


Who is Leading the 5G Patent Race?

Watch this conversation about the economic and geopolitical implications as companies and countries vie for technical leadership in critical technologies.


Insights from IP Leaders at the Top 100 Most Innovative Companies

Explore the intricacies of successful innovation strategies and the pivotal role of IP departments in shaping them.


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In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, IP professionals face the daunting challenge of navigating a complex maze of intellectual property on top of increasing cost pressures. These challenges demand clear, actionable insights to make strategic decisions with confidence. 

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