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#57: Pro se what? A Deep Dive into Art Unit 3649

#57: Pro se what? A Deep Dive into Art Unit 3649

Inspired by a listener's question, Chris and Megan do a deep dive into art unit 3649: the “pro se” art unit. The USPTO created this art unit in 2015 to help guide pro se applicants—those who choose to represent themselves before the USPTO—through the...

#56: Put the “Lawyer” Back in Patent Lawyer

#56: Put the “Lawyer” Back in Patent Lawyer

Patent practitioners typically turn to prosecution analytics to help them prosecute more efficiently. With the rise of fixed fees and a clientele that is constantly demanding more for less, there is significant pressure to complete tasks more quickly. But...

#55: Win the Patent Examiner Lottery

#55: Win the Patent Examiner Lottery

Chris and Megan remind leaders about the new proprietary metric, ETA (Examiner Time Allocation) and introduce two new deeper dive metrics. Before you file, these metrics will give you an understanding of your chances of "winning the examiner lottery" that will help...

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