Competitive Intelligence

Understand Who is Doing What in Relation to Your Patent Portfolio

Compare and track the progress of interesting patent portfolios with the industry-trusted KPIs of LexisNexis® PatentSight®.

How can patents help with competitor intelligence?

Analyzing competitors’ patent portfolios reveals their R&D focus, aiding strategic decisions and potential collaborations. Understanding your competitors’ patent portfolios helps mitigate legal risks for your organisation and supports value creation through licensing strategies. By leveraging patent data effectively, companies can gain a competitive edge, understand market shifts and position themselves strategically for success.

As a patent owner – are you asking yourself 

Who are my competitors and who is entering my space?

What they doing and do we need to change our strategy?

How can I communicate this?

How can I keep on top of my competitors and be ahead of any changes?

How can you understand your competitors ?

How can LexisNexis PatentSight+ transform your Competitive Intelligence ?

Data Quality
& Coverage

To address the challenges with patent data quality, including incomplete owner information and ambiguous legal status. 

Get more accurate insights by incorporating multiple data types that have been rigorously cleansed, quality checked and enriched.


To more efficiently navigate the complexities of IP and move beyond tactical management of patent portfolios. 

Increase depth and speed to insights through powerful AI-driven analytical capabilities and proprietary metrics.

Impactful Visualizations & Communication Tools

To eliminate the perception of IP as a cost center and better communicate its value to the business. 

Optimize workflows, boost efficiency, and elevate IP awareness and storytelling through powerful visualization tools. 

LexisNexis PatentSight+ enables High value strategic decisions and is used by 100s of patent owning organisations by IP and patent teams and across the organisation.


Who are my competitors?

Identifying the right organizations that you need to monitor including new entrants is key to keeping on top of the competitive landscape.  Making sure you don’t miss any new activity in your technology spaces can be achieved through Classificaiton in PatentSight+, where you build the technology landscape using AI classification which is always up to date

How do my competitors portfolios compare to mine?

Benchmarking competitors on key metrics such as age of portfolio, quality, size and activity are key to keeping ahead. PatentSight+ uses a  number of proprietary metrics including the Patent Asset index which looks at the technology relevance of a competitors portfolio as well as the competitive impact 

How can I monitor and keep on top of my competitors?

PatentSight+ allows you to create workbooks that are always up to date and can visualise the data in multiple ways.  Alerts can be set up to make sure you are hearing about new developments first. 

What are the benefits of automating access to strategic patent intelligence?

Save time and money. PatentSight+ is an efficiency play. The benefits are not limited to measurable time and cost savings. Classification of patents is both objective and repeatable eliminating unwanted and unnecessary delays

How can I find out about new and disruptive technologies?

Identifying the unknown is notoriously hard. We can monitor new technologies with the same accuracy as you achieve with your core technologies. With the ability to produce global landscapes and sophisticated alerting, we can provide reliable information to shape your competitive intelligence strategy.

How can I reduce the delay and expense of outsourcing patent landscapes?

Outsourcing is simply asking other humans to manually tag and sort patents. In a world of over 100 million patents, efficiency requires automation. PatentSight+ uses AI and machine learning to achieve the level of accuracy required, but without human intervention. Less perspiration, more time for inspiration.

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