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Due Diligence

Add value, not hours, conducting patent due diligence.

Why Due Diligence Matters

Due diligence is required in every transaction where patents play a role, across the full range of M&A transactions, joint ventures, licenses and collaborations, patent acquisition and divestment activities and even Inbound Patent Assertion.

With LexisNexis Cipher, you have a fast and effective way to complete a timely and thorough diligence.

Guidance for law firms

Are you a legal professional seeking information?  Visit our Law firms page to discover how our tool can help with your patent-related projects.

Have you ever asked these questions?

How can I improve the efficiency of how I carry out due diligence?

LexisNexis Cipher has been optimized for due diligence. Its best-in-class corporate grouping makes for fast and effective identification of any patent-owning organisation anywhere in the world. There are no export limits to the number of companies, the size of their portfolios or on the quantity of data you need.

What’s the best way to understand a patent portfolio in context?

A downside of conventional due diligence is that you are limited to the company or assets in front of you. Using our technology you can automatically compare your target patents to any organization you select or to an algorithmically computed set of similar organizations.

Can I influence the M&A process earlier on?

Adding value to the initial stages of the M&A screening process would benefit all organisations, rather than the IP team being brought in when the deal is done.  Our tool allows you to quickly screen organizations and conduct due diligence on their patent portfolios. With Cipher classification you can find organisations that the M&A team are not even considering.

Enough paperwork already: Masayoshi Son of SoftBank and Stuart Chambers of ARM Holdings didn’t have to trawl through thousands of documents to clarify each others intellectual property, thanks to a clever AI tool. NIKLAS HALLEN/AFP/Getty Images.

LexisNexis Cipher’s role in a significant business acquisition

The due diligence around the acquisition of ARM by Softbank in 2016 for $31 billion was completed in a matter of days, as reported by Forbes.

Our due diligence approach

Taking an efficient approach to due diligence will enable you to contribute more strategically to any commercial transaction.

Efficient due diligence process

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1. Focus on the target

Establish a consensus internally around the potential for patent licensing and/or sale.

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2. Cluster and compare

Focus on a specific company or consider any other patent-owning organisation.

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3. Review the litigation risk

Automatically map patents to technologies through your technology lens with your own custom taxonomy.

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4. Actionable intelligence

Make a decision using the intelligence to benchmark or optimise your portfolio.

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  • Analyze the results to understand new technology trends
  • Benchmark your portfolio against your competitors 
  • Optimize your portfolio for monetisation or risk management

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