Customer Success Team

We Help You Achieve Your Goals

Our team of dedicated customer success managers is committed to educating and empowering you to get the most out of your IP tools. We support you in turning patent information into actionable management insights and meeting your business goals.

We educate, collaborate, and advocate to evolve your IP function

Extract all the benefits of our tools by working closely with a personal contact who is available to offer you the best support for your projects and queries at any time. 

Dedicated Success Manager

From talking through your business challenges to extracting valuable insights for strategic decision making and presenting these insights to your stakeholders, your dedicated CSM will be counseling you every step of the way.

Onboarding & Product Adoption

Our CSM team provides a structured onboarding program to quickly get acquainted with the product’s tools, terminology, and documentation.

Deliverability Support

To make sure you provide your organization or clients with valuable IP insights, your CSM provides continuous support and guidance.

Stay Up To Date

Be the first to learn what we’re building and how it can help your business grow. From beta features to new features, your CSM will provide hands-on training to ensure a seamless rollout.

We speak “IP” and many different languages

No matter where your organization is located and what your preferred language is, our customer success team can support you in many different languages across all time zones around the globe.

We are experts

We are intellectual property subject matter experts offering information superiority. Many of us have worked as patent attorneys, in scientific research or in business functions relying on IP information. We have a deep understanding of innovation processes at corporations and law firms alike.​​​​​ ​​​We combine IP know-how with expert knowledge in data sourcing and cutting-edge software engineering.

We support you to find clarity to make better-informed decisions

Our tools offer industry-tested templates and methods to support a huge variety of patent-related use cases. Our metrics help to efficiently find the most important information. Great visualizations help convey findings in an easy-to-understand way. Alerting functions ensures you will not miss out on an important development. Your CSM will help you get the most out of your product subscription and support your organization at its best.

PatentSight® Enhances M&A Decision Making with IP Due Diligence Insights
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We support you to achieve growth

Our tools support our customers so they can focus on what is most important, drive efficiencies, predict developments and make insights for strategic decision making available at the point of need: Decisions taken to be faster in the race to innovate. Decisions to be the most efficient with limited resources.

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We are backed by science

Many of us are driven by science, frequently publishing in scientific journals and business media. Our team members are thought leaders, presenting our research at universities and to the IP community.

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We support you to drive efficiencies

You can avoid manual data cleaning and enrichment processes. Our CSM team will show you how our tools help create high-quality patent applications resulting in stronger, more defendable patents. Proven statistics and proprietary metrics guide the most efficient way. Quality metrics help focus on the most relevant patents. Our software supports collaboration workflows and comes with predefined templates and visualizations.

Get in touch with an expert

Learn more about our consulting competence and how we can support you with your project.

Read how our tools and support help our clients to grow and change IP processes

Increasing Patent Portfolio Strength and Patent Income at Siemens

Learn how Siemens leverages LexisNexis® PatentSight® to increase their patent portfolio strength and patent income.

LexisNexis® PatentSight® Enhances M&A Decision Making With IP Due Diligence Insights

McBee Moore & Vanik IP leveraged LexisNexis® PatentSight® to run comparative analysis for M&A decision making.

European Commission’s DG-Comp Relies on LexisNexis® When Evaluating Anti-trust Merger Cases

European Commission’s DG-Comp selected LexisNexis® PatentSight® as their primary supplier of patent data and patent analytics.

How Skai Analytics Uses Patent Data to Find Market Trends Early

Skai Analytics develops a data tool for companies that are looking for profound insights on the latest market trends.

Recommended Solutions

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Patent Search

Make your patent search effective and drive confident business outcomes using LexisNexis TotalPatent One®, combining high-performance technology with the world’s deepest archives and the highest number of authorities.

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Application Drafting

Write high-quality patents with precision using LexisNexis PatentOptimizer®. Create consistent, accurate, and more informed office action responses that help reduce human error, manually intensive activities, and overall costs.

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Prosecution Analytics

Bring predictability and productivity to your patent prosecution process with LexisNexis PatentAdvisor®. Use advanced examiner analytics to implement the best possible prosecution strategy, helping to save time and money.

IP Analytics

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Brand Protection

Protect your brand and safeguard your customers from global, systemic IP infringement with LexisNexis® Brand Protection powered by Appdetex. Efficiently identify and investigate high-value targets, no matter where and how they are operating.