LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® for Law Firms

Help your clients improve patent prosecution outcomes and gain a competitive advantage

Practice smarter

Differentiate your firm

Support your client’s prosecution strategy and market your firm to its fullest potential. User-friendly visualization and filtering data analytics tools enable you to create more effective strategies for every patent application at your firm.

“The PatentAdvisor Examiner Reports have been very helpful to me as a patent prosecutor and my clients to properly advise them whether to file an RCE, file an appeal, interview request, etc., based on the metrics provided …”

–  James Merrick, Partner at Cantor Colburn, LLP


Market your firm to its fullest potential

Market your firm to its fullest potential to prospective clients and earn more business from current clients.

Better Patent Prosecution With PatentAdvisor ETA™

Actionable data and analytics

Custom approach

Customize your firm’s approach to patent prosecution with actionable data and analytics to support your clients’ patent prosecution strategy in real time.

Client portfolio management

User-friendly visualization

Manage your firm’s entire client portfolio of patent applications more effectively with user-friendly visualization and filtering tools.

Identify at-risk patents

Save time & money

Identify at-risk patents so you can adjust your strategy to save your clients time and money.

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