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The revolutionary patent analysis tools in LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® help you implement the best possible prosecution strategy to achieve success. Predict your patent prosecution outcome with the most accurate and comprehensive patent analysis software in the industry.


Providing content you can rely on
Using proprietary and predictive metrics, such as the PatentAdvisor Smart Detection System™, you can now go beyond raw percentages. The metrics allow you to see the complete history of your examiner, predict behavior, and adjust and develop new strategies to maximize your outcomes.

Our accuracy is reflected through:

  • Reliable, exclusive metrics beyond allowance rates
  • A proprietary approach to data harmonization that ensures the highest level of accuracy and fairness
  • The most complete process in normalization of examiner, law firm and corporation names that enable you the most comprehensive accurate patent analysis.

Take Examiner Difficulty Out of the Equation

The exclusive PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score™ is superior to allowance rate because it is

–  Normalized for examiner difficulty

–  Normalized for number of applications

–  A better treatment for abandonments

PatentAdvisor® Extension

Access Reliable Examiner Statistics Directly in USTPO’s PAIR and Patent Center 

With the Free LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® Extension  

Get immediate access to the most essential examiner and art unit statistics directly on the USPTO’s websites. Save time avoiding switching between applications and guide prosecution strategy, streamline processes, foster more predictable outcomes, and build trust among your stakeholders. Get the free PatentAdvisor Extension now, available for download on Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.


Access the most comprehensive data available

You can now access exclusive patent analysis platforms that utilize the most up-to-date data available as well as a comprehensive full-text database of substantive prosecution documents. You can drill as deep as you want to discover things such as the impact of the latest USPTO changes, how others have overcome similar rejections, how your examiner has behaved in the past as well as easily analyze an entire patent portfolio.

Appeal or Not? Find the Winning Arguments 

Get more accurate and relevant prosecution guidance 

Find winning arguments using LexisNexis PatentAdvisor’s PTAB Decisions. With access to valuable historical ex parte appeals information, PTAB Decisions makes LexisNexis the only prosecution analytics platform with over 111,000 pre-grant decisions tagged to 217 legal issues, supporting data-driven decision-making, reducing prosecution and leading to higher quality patents.


See how your prosecution performance compares to others with the most accurate and objective prosecution performance metrics available.

The all new Benchmarking Reports™ provide reliable comparisons of law firms and corporations by taking examiner difficulty out of the equation and scoring purely for efficiency with the proprietary PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score™.


Keeping your data safe

We understand the utmost importance of protecting confidential information, from private patent application data to searches and saved results. We further protect any private patent information you have entrusted us with using state of the art encryption technology. Your private data is encrypted both in transit and at rest using AES256 bit encryption.

PatentAdvisor™ enhances security by:

  • Rigorous system security controls and procedures
  • Regular, independent audits

PatentAdvisor™ is the only prosecution solution to maintain an ISO 27001 Certification

Unique Benefits of PatentAdvisor

Predict Your Examiner’s Behavior
Our revolutionary metric, PatentAdvisor ETA™, is the most accurate predictor of patent examiner behavior that factors in all pending applications, examiner’s experience and is driven by the examiner’s behaviors, not the filers’ actions.
Comprehensive Insight
Use the Examiner Lottery Framework™ to craft a more effective, systematic prosecution strategy with comprehensive patent analysis tools based on the context of the entire USPTO.
LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® for Law Firms
Help your clients improve patent prosecution outcomes and gain a competitive advantage.
LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® for Corporations
A systematic approach to managing your outside counsel and patent portfolio.


As a recognized industry leader that has brought best-in-class products first to market, you can have confidence in the reliability and trustworthiness of our solutions and our company. Decades of experience in the industry allow us to continually improve and enhance the ways we support you, giving you the reliability, dependability and trust you expect.

You can count on us to continue to be:

  • A standard bearer of excellence in today’s business landscape
  • Backed by LexisNexis, combining patent prosecution and business information to Advance What’s Possible for the way you work
  • Working hard to continually introduce, strengthen and develop the solutions that matter to you



You can rest easy knowing that your specialized IP support team is available to help you effectively and confidently make the most of your software solutions. We view our relationship with our customers as a partnership.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Responsive, on-demand and customized training
  • Timely access to customer success manager
  • Online resources, chat tools and a customer-service hotline
  • Responsive, on-demand and customized training
  • A dedicated global customer support team
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