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Prosecution Analytics:
A Comparison of Solutions

Why you win when you choose LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® patent prosecution analytics.

Are you struggling to streamline complex and unpredictable patent prosecution processes and generate higher ROIs with fixed fees?

With accurate, reliable, and timely data, and a proprietary metric to evaluate examiner behavior, PatentAdvisor™ empowers you to identify winning arguments quickly, objectively evaluate and compare prosecution performance, and manage stakeholder expectations. PatentAdvisor is the ultimate data-backed
performance booster for top global corporates and law firms that file patent applications at the USPTO.

Advanced Prosecution Analytics Solutions – The Best vs The Rest

LexisNexis PatentAdvisorOther solutions available in the market
Timely & reliable dataData is imported directly from Patent
Center, increasing reliability, and
mitigating delays.
Often rely on bulk files published
by USPTO, creating inconsistencies
and in-product delays.
Workflow optimizationHigh-quality Art Unit and Examiner
statistics available right where you
work on the USPTO Patent Center
and Private PAIR websites via
PatentAdvisor Extension.
No alternatives in the market.
Prosecution strategy guidanceOver 124,000 pre-grant PTAB
are tagged to 227 legal
issues, enabling efficient data-driven
prosecution action.
Other providers only supply unstructured data with no tagging.
Trusted proprietary metricsExaminer Time Allocation
(PatentAdvisor ETA™), takes into
account all pending applications,
factors how long the examiner has
been at the patent office and is
driven by the examiner’s behavior,
not the filer’s action.

PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score accounts for variability caused due to examiner complexity at the USPTO and gives you a better understanding of how successful the prosecution paths of your patents have been.
Often provide a vanity metric
that adds no value and is focused
on a limited part of the patent
prosecution cycle.
Objective performance
For Law Firms: Use reports that include reliable comparisons of law firm performace to prove why your firm is best suited for your prospect’s specific prosecution needs. The report takes examiner difficulty out of the equation and scores purely for law firm efficiency with the proprietary PatentAdvisor™ Efficiency Score.

For Corporates: Quickly discover law firms with above-average patent prosecution performance and better evaluate your company’s outside counsels using the Law Firm Report Card and Outside Counsel Evaluation as part of the PatentAdvisor™ Business Development and Analysis reports.
There are no similar metrics for
benchmarking currently available in
the market.
End-to-end solutionsFrom patent drafting to
commercialization, our solutions
seamlessly integrate into your
existing workflow.
Stand-alone solutions typically
address individual tasks in a
Intuitive and functional
Get a complete bird’s eye view of
a patent application’s prosecution
process and quick access to
important documents with the
QuickPAIR Timeline including direct
links to RCEs, OAs, and responses.
No alternatives are available in the market.
Portfolio licensing and monetizationPatentAdvisor Examiner Rejection Analysis empowers users to find potential licensing opportunities and identify research partners and infringers.Currently available solutions offer raw data with little to no actionable insights.

Streamline your processes and take examiner variability out of the equation

Learn how we support your workflow to drive new efficiencies and bring predictability to the prosecution process.

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