IP Year-in-Review: Bringing Clarity to Innovation in 2022

IP Year-in-Review Bringing Clarity to Innovation in 2022

December 19, 2022

Thank you for your dedication to innovation in 2022! As the year draws to a close, we are reflecting on our mission to bring clarity to innovation and to help companies and law firms be more effective at bringing meaningful innovations into the world. Throughout the year, we have seen the continued evolution of IP departments leveraging patent analytics to become strategic support for business and decision making, and we have also observed a mounting focus on sustainable innovation.  

With the aim to support the IP community in all that we do, here are some highlights for our IP year-in-review and our best efforts toward meeting that goal.    

IP year-in-review highlights

We facilitated best-practice sharing and global knowledge transfer within the IP community, learning from our customers and gaining market insights by having thousands of conversations. We hosted over 25 digital and in-person events, including webinars and user groups, and published nearly 50 blogs. Our Japanese in-person and digital 2023 PatentSight Summit had a record-breaking number of attendees: over 2000.  

We brought transparency to the top IP players. This year we published the first edition of Innovation Momentum 2022: The Global Top 100 – the first report to measure patent development across industries based not only on size but also taking into account the individual quality of all patent families. The report measures the dynamics of innovative strength over the last two years and recognizes technology owners who outperform their peers. 

We promoted greater ease of use and productivity in patent analytics with a new look and feel for LexisNexis® PatentSight®. We released a brand-new design and language update in PatentSight. As part of the redesign, the interface has a modern look with new fonts, colors, and icons. With the language update (all English texts, explanations, tooltips, filters, attributes, and measures have been revised), patent professionals benefit from a clear and coherent English language and a consistent IP vocabulary that explains concepts in an unambiguous way.  

We also extended our support of IP departments in international organizations. The Japanese IP community is one of the biggest contributors to innovation in the world. To better support these innovators, we launched the PatentSight® IP analytics platform in a fully customized Japanese language version. This means greater ease of use and efficiency for our Japanese customers and the ability to improve insight sharing with colleagues and management across their organization. 

We made identifying winning arguments easier with LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® PTAB Argument Finder, an innovative search tool solution that enables patent attorneys to quickly locate winning arguments in appeals decided by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). Now patent professionals can quickly and easily locate relevant issues embedded in ex parte appeal decisions to strengthen an office action response and make winning arguments on appeal.​ 

IP Year in Review PatentAdvisor PTAB 1

We democratized examiner analytics with the PatentAdvisor®️ Extension, a free web browser extension that makes available data insights about individual patent examiners and art units directly on the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO) websites. The unprecedented integration of LexisNexis® patent prosecution statistics and the USPTO’s Patent Center provides all patent professionals with immediate access to key insights while they are checking the progress of pending patent applications or viewing the status of documents. This includes PatentAdvisor ETA™ (Examiner Time Allocation), a proprietary LexisNexis metric that helps patent professionals anticipate an examiner’s behavior and develop strategies for better prosecution outcomes. 

IP Year in Review PatentAdvisor Extension

We provided an even better bird’s eye view of a patent application with the enhanced PatentAdvisor QuickPAIR timeline. The new timeline design provides an enhanced view of the history and the current status of a patent application, as well as quick access to all associated office actions, RCEs and appeal documents. The “window of opportunity” feature helps you to better evaluate prosecution timing. With a complete visualization of the prosecution path of a patent application, the QuickPAIR timeline helps patent professionals make more informed decisions based on a reliable patent application status timeline, examiner allowance rate, average time and the number of office actions to allowance.  

IP Year in Review PatentAdvisor QuickPair Timeline

The Brand Protection team helped to remove hundreds of thousands of counterfeit items from digital marketplaces across the globe and worked with our clients to: 

  • Expand their Trademark Portfolio across various jurisdictions 
  • Run investigations on top counterfeit sellers 
  • Build relationships with e-Commerce Platforms worldwide to enhance the success of enforcement actions 

Our IP year-in-review also includes the exciting acquisition of IPlytics, a leading IP intelligence company that enables users to align patent portfolio strategy and continuous portfolio development as it relates to Standard Essential Patent (SEP) assets. This will enable you to better understand the SEP competitive landscape and to support initiatives such as licensing, acquisitions, due diligence, and analysis of whether to join patent pools. The Berlin-founded company has also developed algorithms to predict the essentiality of patent claims and standards sections and a patent portfolio’s value for standardized  technologies 

In 2022 we also released a new Intellectual Property website. The site has been redesigned for ease of use. You’ll find news and announcements, customer stories, access to on-demand webinars, in-depth information on products, and intellectual property blog articles

To more innovation and support in 2023

It has been another busy and inspiring year working with a community so dedicated to innovation. We look forward to continuing to serve you with excellence in 2023.  

Have a healthy, prosperous and innovative New Year! 

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