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Innovation Momentum 2024: Less is More for Patent Portfolio Strategies

Our annual report, “Innovation Momentum 2024: The Global Top 100,” shows the top 100 global organizations displaying outstanding innovation momentum over the last two years through the lens of patents. 

5G Patent Ownership Booms: Who Is Leading the Pack? 

5G patent ownership is booming and we are excited to announce the publication of our latest 2023 report, “Who Is Leading the 5G Patent Race?”.

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LexisNexis Evolving IP Aims to Engage IP Listeners

Company News

IAM Top 300 Announcement

SEP and Standards

Company News

SEP and Standards Leaders Discuss Pressing Topics in San Diego

IP Year-in-Review Bringing Clarity to Innovation in 2022

Company News

IP Year-in-Review: Bringing Clarity to Innovation in 2022

Covid 19 Important Announcement

Company News

COVID-19 Important Announcement

No One is Above the Law

Company News

No One is Above the Law

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