LexisNexis Evolving IP Aims to Engage IP Listeners

March 5, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of LexisNexis Evolving IP, an engaging new podcast bringing intellectual property to life through insightful dialogue.

Join our diverse guests with varied industry perspectives as they explore IP strategy, evidence, and decision making. We’ll connect IP concepts to real-world implications across business sectors in a relatable, digestible format perfect for your commute or a short break.

Led by an expert host panel including IP thought leaders Francesca Levoir, Head of Brand Strategy and Solutions Marketing, Tim Pohlmann (CEO and Founder, LexisNexis IPlytics), Nigel Swycher (CEO LexisNexis Cipher), and Marco Richter (Global Head of Customer Success, LexisNexis Intellectual Property), we’ll demystify even the most complex IP challenges through informed analysis and lively discussion.

“I’m excited to host LexisNexis Evolving IP and illuminate IP in an accessible way,” said Francesca Levoir. “We’ll tackle pressing topics at the intersection of IP, law, and technology, aiming to make IP relevant beyond the IP department. I look forward to sparking thought-provoking conversations and hearing feedback from our listeners.”

Where to find LexisNexis Evolving IP

Find LexisNexis Evolving IP on your preferred platform: 

Alternatively, you can listen to the podcast directly from the episode index page, where a new episodes will be added every month

Look out for updates and highlights, plus key takeaway videos from episode guests on our social media channels:

Be sure to contribute to the conversation with the hashtag #EvolvingIP.

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