How to Easily and Objectively Prove Where Your Firm Outperforms the Competition

Aug 26, 2020

easily and objectively outperform the competition

Market your firm to its fullest potential to prospective clients and earn more business from current clients with credible, third-party, objective data. Showcase your areas of expertise with the proprietary LexisNexis PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score™ and real-time and fully-customizable Benchmarking Reports™.

Easily and objectively compare prosecution outcomes with the most accurate prosecution performance metrics available. The all-new, real-time, fully customizable PatentAdvisor® Benchmarking Reports™ provide reliable comparisons of law firms and corporations. By taking examiner difficulty out of the equation and scoring purely for efficiency, the proprietary PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score™ enables objective prosecution performance comparisons.

The foundation of the Benchmarking Reports is the PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score, a proprietary metric designed to overcome the issue of examiner difficulty variability.

Unlike allowance rate, the PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score™ is:

  • Normalized for examiner difficulty
  • Normalized for number of applications
  • Not directly penalized for abandonments

Some patent examiners are more difficult than others. We created the PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score to take examiner difficulty out of the equation. We ranked every patented and abandoned application in our system for efficiency, based on different standards for red (difficult), yellow (average), and green (easy) examiners.

Based on their application scores, each law firm and corporation will receive:

  • A red examiner score
  • A green examiner score
  • A yellow examiner score
  • An overall score that is a weighted average of their red, green, and yellow scores

The score ranges from 0 to 100, with average being 50. Request your firm’s scores.

Table of Patent Application Scores

The efficiency chart visualization enables you to easily see how your firm compares to the competition. The most effective and efficient law firms are found in the top right corner. This type of information can make a powerful statement to current or prospective clients and will allow you to market your firm to its fullest potential.

PatentAdvisor Efficiency Chart Visualization

To access the Benchmarking Reports sign in to Patent Advisor and Select Smart Reports:

PatentAdvisor Smart Reports tab

Currently the Benchmarking Reports are available, After-Final Decision Making and Law Firm Performance reports are coming soon. Select the Benchmarking Report:

PatentAdvisor Benchmarking Report Card

For an overview and demonstration of the Benchmarking Reports watch the How to Objectively Measure Prosecution Performance with PatentAdvisor Benchmarking Reports™ On-Demand Webinar. To request more information click here.

LexisNexis PatentAdvisor®

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Get to know your examiner better with more context and a deeper understanding of your examiner’s behavior than ever available before.

With your free trial, you will gain instant access to:

Examiner Search allows you to search by examiner name for a filterable, examiner specific dashboard of patent analytics, including rejection specific statistics, appeal statistics, prosecution statistics, interview statistics, a backlog of RCEs and timeline.

QuickPair easily replaces the USPTO Public PAIR by providing the most robust application details anywhere, including examiner timeline, examiner allowance rate and the average time and number of office actions to allowance.

PatentAdvisor, the first-ever data-driven patent strategy tool, provides a systemic approach to crafting an effective prosecution strategy. Understand why certain patent applications take longer than others to reach allowance—then use that knowledge to devise better patent prosecution strategies.

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