Every patent matters. Make every investment count.

Your innovative, focused portfolio plays a critical role in the economy. Level the playing field with information and insights that protect your essential intellectual property and enable your ideas to flourish.

Prosecution Management

Retain competitive advantage with a strategy built for your business

Reduce the risks of uncertainty with custom patent prosecution management and competitive intelligence for a more strategic approach to portfolio management.

Evaluate & Analyze Prior Art

Create stronger patent applications by uncovering every primary-source document—reliably and quickly

Invalidating prior art and claim rejections can reduce patent value while strong, defensible intellectual property is a recipe for long-term success. Conduct thorough prior art research using the world’s largest collection of patent documents.

Portfolio Protection & Application Drafting

Ensure broad but defensible claim sets in the AIA era

Patent claims provide the very basis of your protection. Draft your application to avoid §112 rejections by conducting full patent document structural analysis and ensuring claim and specification synchronicity.

Customizable PAIR Management

Easily analyze an entire portfolio with both public PAIR and private PAIR visibility

Essential reporting customized to your portfolio provides unique and critical insight into the influences at work.

Monitor PAIR Data

Monitor patent applications on an enterprise level—either yours or your competitors’

The development, prosecution, monetization and defending of a patent is a full-time job requiring continuous management and monitoring, often across multiple areas of a business. Stay up-to-date on the status of large numbers of patent applications with automated alerts.

Customizable Bulk Patent Data

Improve the quality of your research

Enhance your proprietary patent information system with the world’s largest collection of searchable full-text and bibliographic information compiled from over 100 patent authorities worldwide.

Patent Translation Services

Professional, high-quality patent translations

As the world becomes more interconnected and the global economy grows, access to patent information from countries around the globe becomes more critical. Outsource your translations to a trusted team of international patent language experts who work within your budget.