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Successfully Mitigate Risks That Can Harm Your Business

Avoid potential risks by keeping track of your competitors and staying up-to-date on technological trends using LexisNexis® PatentSight+® patent analytics.

Risks mitigated by patent data

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Being unaware of an up-and-coming competitor

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Threats from non-practicing entities (NPEs)

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Patent infringements, particularly on Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)

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Keep track of your competitors in your target technology fields

Imagine that a competitor has been filing strongly for the past five years and is building the largest portfolio in one of your core technology fields as GE did in the tech field of Additive Manufacturing (see video to the left). LexisNexis PatentSight+ helps you identify filing increments with ease.

Detect new players that enter your markets early on. Watch the video to see when and how Apple Inc. entered and disrupted the wristwatch market.

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Want to better understand China’s increasing dominance across the Engineering industry?

Download our Engineering intellectual property report, where data reveals clear trends about the future of Engineering and how international players are reacting to the growing Chinese influence.

Get insights into different Engineering sectors, including Aviation, Energy, Manufacturing Equipment, Railway and Ship Building, Civil Engineering, and more.

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Identify Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs)

Patents held by NPEs indicate a potential threat for companies who are citing them. PatentSight+’s unique search filters allow you to quickly identify NPEs and evaluate the size, focus and importance of their patent portfolio.

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Identify the biggest SEP holders in your competitive environment

Are those SEPs held mainly by a small group of companies or is the distribution more diverse? Quickly identify the companies that you are dealing with on standard-essential patents.

Unlock the true value of your portfolio

Learn how to profit from sophisticated patent analysis.

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More use cases enabled by patent analytics

Become more effective at managing your patent portfolio, identify worldwide relevant patents and technology trends, assess the competitive landscape, find partners and licensing opportunities.

R&D and innovation

Improve innovation with a clearly defined IP strategy that is connected to the business goals and alerts for new entrants and potential partners.

intelligence & benchmarking

Base decision-making on true patent portfolio strength and quality indicators, while relying on industry proven KPIs to track  your competitors’ progress.

Portfolio optimization

Answer key questions to define international patent filing strategy, increase portfolio efficiency and identify competitive strengths and weaknesses.

Disruptive technology scouting

Identify disruptive innovations and promising startups with patent analytics to help you gain a competitive edge.

Licensing & monetization

With analytics on all patent portfolios in all technologies, you can both evaluate your most valuable patents for licensing and even identify potential licensees.