The most wonderful time of the year has arrived again. This week we dive into a breakdown of holiday patent applications filed around the globe and a few of the holiday patent applications published in recent years.

Holiday Patent Breakdown

Curious to know what types of holiday patents have been filed worldwide, we turned to the LexisNexis TotalPatent One® patent search platform to search for patents with a clear relationship to winter holidays. Beginning with a search for the term “Christmas” in the titles, abstracts, or claims of patent documents filed in over 100 worldwide patent authorities, our results turned out an impressive 25,682 patent records. Probably a surprise to most people, however, is that the majority of “Christmas” patent applications have been filed in China (9,549 patent applications, to be accurate). The United States is a far second with a total of 4,282 Christmas patent documents that have been catalogued with the USPTO.

“Christmas” Patent Applications by Patent Authority

Other holiday-specific terms yielded the following results:

Term         Records Found Top Patent Authority  
“Hanukkah”        31   USPTO      
“Kwanzaa”          11   USPTO      
“Santa Claus”     941   China      

Winter Holiday Patents Published In Recent Years

“Automobile Rooftop Mount”
(Patent Application Number US 15/732,396)


Priority Date:   November 6, 2017
Publication Date:   May 17, 2018

Why not take the holidays on the open road? The invention described in Patent Application No. 15/732,396 is a device for mounting an object vertically on the roof of an automobile – whether that object be a Christmas tree, a menorah, or any other item mountable on a pole. If roof clearance is an issue, the described vehicle mount also allows users to put the mounted object in a horizontal position when entering a garage or tunnel.

The LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® patent analytics tool shows us that this patent application has been assigned to a patent examiner with plenty of patent experience and a high allowance rate, which may explain, in part, why a Notice of Allowance was sent to this patent applicant in mid-September after only one office action had been issued.

“Interfaith Holiday Tree”
(Patent Application Number US 14/606,100)

Priority Date        January 27, 2015 
Publication Date     July 28, 2016

Published to the public in 2016, this “Interfaith Holiday Tree” combines the shape of a menorah with the branches of a Christmas tree. Seeking broad protection, the patent applicant claims an “electric candle holder shaped as a holiday tree” comprising “a plurality of oranges” extending from a central trunk in a utility patent, rather than opting for a design patent filing to protect the ornamental appearance of the tree. Unfortunately for the patent applicant, PatentAdvisor™ shows us that a final rejection was insurmountable, and this patent application went abandoned earlier in 2018.

“Automated Christmas Tree Watering System”
(Patent Application Number US 15/625,439)

Priority Date:      June 16, 2017
Publication Date:     May 10, 2018

After the holiday season has passed, brown trees around the world are thrown out – leaving a trail of pines from the living room to the driveway. This “Automated Christmas Tree Watering System” aims to keep your Christmas tree green over the holidays by automatically pumping water from a reservoir to the base of your tree.

Though hanging by a thread, USPTO patent data accessed through PatentAdvisor suggests that the chances of this patent application issuing as a patent are slim. This patent applicant is facing a third and final rejection against a patent examiner who has allowed only twelve of the 178 total patent applications he has examined.

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