abstract_portrait-567849-editedPatent professionals today are under increasing pressure to prosecute patent applications successfully to help IP-driven companies gain an edge on their competitors. The data-driven reports available through the LexisNexis® PatentAdvisor℠ suite of patent software gives IP professionals the competitive intelligence they need to prosecute patent applications efficiently and effectively.

The PatentAdvisor family of online tools is convenient, versatile and useful. At the center of the patent management software platform is a collection of unique databases containing comprehensive information from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, including frequently updated patent application file histories.

That data then feeds into online, easy-to-use patent application software tools that help IP professionals make vital decisions about their patent process based not on intuition or feeling, but on facts. These powerful predictive analytics form the basis of detailed and insightful reports, helping IP professionals devise more effective patent prosecution strategies while better managing their patent prosecution budget.

Portfolio Advisor gives a company a comprehensive tactical picture of its entire portfolio for ultimate patent portfolio management, including pending, patented and abandoned patent applications. Easily examine the status and history of any pending patent application and generate an analytical report that places the application within historical context and helps assess the application’s prospects for approval.

Obtain annotated data and historical information on a particular USPTO patent examiner, allowing you to assess whether the examiner assigned to a given patent application is proceeding within their typical time frame. Each report highlights circumstances specifically related to that examiner, enabling IP professionals to see how that USPTO examiner previously handled similar patent applications. That information enables patent attorneys to create a strategy that will be more effective with that particular examiner.

If an organization has multiple patent applications pending in the same art unit, the Art Unit Report enables patent applicants to identify trends and tendencies among all the examiners that are processing applications within that group.

Prosecution Advisor details the prosecution history of each individual application graphed in comparison to the assigned examiner’s analytic profile. Search the file histories of more than six million patent applications, containing more than 10 million office actions. Discover data related to RCE turnaround time, allowance rates, appeal process outcomes, and more in PatentAdvisor Prosecution Reports.

Budget Advisor replaces the traditional guesswork involved in prosecution expense budgeting with a data-driven, predictive framework based on USPTO and examiner workflow. Leverage information on your organization’s history of patent prosecution and the performance metrics of USPTO patent examiners to project budgetary needs for ongoing patent-related operations.

With the information from these fully customizable reports, IP professionals can devise better strategic approaches to patent prosecution.

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