Who Are Your Real Threats?

Companies that have been sued within the last year, are almost four times more likely to sue another company. There’s no better time than now to check on your competitors.

You can’t develop a risk mitigation strategy that is going to work without first obtaining a solid understanding of where threats to your patent portfolio might lie.

Find out how you do this in our webinar ‘Who Are Your Real Threats?’ where we help you identify the red flags before they start waving.

The webinar covers:

  • Threat barometer analysis – instantly gauging your risk exposure
  • Propensity to litigate – causation or correlation?
  • Triaging your threats – in practice using OpenAI worked example


Francesca Levoir, Head of Marketing


Kacper Gorski, Head of Risk Solutions

Anna Plummer, Solutions Analyst

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Hear Anna’s Key Takeaway

Who Are Your Real Threats? Webinar Recording

  • A reminder on how to identify your threats
  • Options for patent risk mitigation
  • Acquisition and divestment
  • Cross-licensing with key organisations
  • Licensing patents
  • Communicating your strategy to mitigate risk to your organisation

Find out more on what patent professionals are doing to mitigate patent risk in our report on the Management of Patent Risk:

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