Push your patent portfolios to maximum velocity

Your clients rely on your intellectual property and business expertise. Guide them to success with solutions and services developed for IP lawyers by IP lawyers.

Prosecution Management

Sustain and grow your business by increasing your advantage with strategic, data-driven insights

Build loyalty and trust with clients by setting expectations and timelines with improved prosecution outcomes built on powerful analytics. Prosecute smarter by understanding the mechanisms behind what makes patents stall, grant or fail.

Evaluate & Analyze Prior Art

Be confident in your prior art search. Guide your clients to unique and defensible claims.

Trust that your research is complete. Use your firm’s time effectively and ensure your client’s applications pass the patentability and novelty tests.

Application Drafting

Provide expert-level claims construction with critical quality control

The America Invents Act introduced new avenues for patent claims to be breached, making the drafting process even more pivotal. Streamline claim and specification drafting and editing by developing strong, defensible claim sets.

Pre-Filing Classification Reports™

Guide your application toward the most favorable art unit with advice from the experts experienced in assigning art units at the USPTO

LexisNexis® IP has collaborated with Serco to provide customized Pre-Filing Classification Reports. Serco has classified over four million patent applications and has developed domain knowledge in patent classification through their work as a classification provider to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office over the past decade.

Monitor Applications

Keep up with the prosecution status of a patent application with automated PAIR alerts

Stay on top of your clients’ patent applications to easily enable quick and accurate communications with clients in a timely manner. Monitor one patent or an entire patent portfolio for changes in application status.

Patent-Related Information Services

Quickly have access to a wide array of patent information, documents and proprietary reports from a leader in IP services

Pre-PAIR documents and professional international translations from the experts in IP services for more than 20 years.

Patent Translation Services

Professional patent translations any time—without the need to retain a professional translator

Experienced, skilled translators are available for prior art, patent applications for the USPTO or international submission, and drug applications for the FDA.