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Get USPTO Patent Center Data Directly in Your Inbox

Follow patent applications to stay up to date on prosecution status with LexisNexis® PAIR Watch.

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Save time and money tracking client portfolios

Whether you are keeping tabs on a number of clients or a single client with many patent applications in the pipeline, put your time to better use and save your clients’ money by letting LexisNexis® PAIR Watch do the monitoring for you. This cost-effective solution helps you automate the process of monitoring patent applications and frees up your time.

The Most Comprehensive Full-Text Patent Data in English Is Now Available within LexisNexis PatentSight®
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Maintain a competitive edge

Monitor clients’ competitors’ patent applications to:

  • Predict their future market strategy
  • Identify infringing technology
  • Find new avenues for growth
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Get the updates you want on your own time

Choose exactly which updates you will receive directly to your inbox, including:

  • Application’s image file wrapper
  • Bibliographic data
  • Continuity data
  • Transaction history

Learn more about leveraging the value of patent monitoring today

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