Cipher Certified

Build your own custom classifiers

What is Cipher Certified?

Understanding the patent landscape from a technology-focused perspective is vital for effective patent portfolio management.

LexisNexis Cipher uses a distinctive machine-learning algorithm that empowers you to achieve your view of technology by employing custom classifiers.​

You can collaborate with us to craft your personalized technology viewpoint or take the reins and build it yourself with Cipher Certified.

Cipher Certified allows you to construct custom classifiers, granting you control over the technological parameters and boundaries required to shape your interpretation of the patent landscape. We offer training to equip you with the skills needed to craft these custom classifiers. This program enables you to take charge of your intellectual property strategy, gaining mastery over the patent landscape analysis process.

Who Would Benefit from Cipher Certified?

Cipher Certified is well-suited for a range of users, including:

  • Patent teams seeking greater control over the scope and outcomes within specific technology areas.
  • Organizations with existing patent analytics teams or those engaged in patent intelligence activities, such as searching and landscape analysis.
  • Entities that require regular exploration of new technology domains or the frequent creation of queries to address pressing business enquiries swiftly.

What is offered by Cipher Certified?

Teaching Modules


On-demand building support

Post-training support

Flexible training schedule

Self-study library and guides

Benefits of building your own custom classifiers

  • Efficient and automated
  • Accurate and smart (due to machine learning)
  • Easy to refine
  • Transparent
  • Repeatable
  • In-house capability development

In addition, we provide:

  • Resource efficient and cost-effective technology landscaping, 3rd party mapping & monitoring
  • Full control over technology scopes and boundaries





Common language



Cipher Certified: Build your own view of the Technology Landscape, covered these key action points to help you build your patent custom taxonomy:

  • Why you need Classification and the associated benefits
  • How you can use Cipher Certified to take control of building your own Classifiers
  • How does Cipher Certified work? View a demonstration of the platform

Watch a full recording of the 45-minute event to discover how we can build your technology lens or how you can do the building.

Further details about Cipher Certified

What comes with Cipher Certified:

  • Full training process
  • Own-pace training plans
  • Implementation outcomes
  • Breakdown of sample programmes

LexisNexis Cipher Essentials

Why Cipher

Because we combine expertise in intellectual property (IP) and classified patent data to provide evidence-based decisions.

Example of a software platform in development

Cipher Platform

Our software platform uses machine learning to classify patent data, and to model patent technology landscapes.

Custom Taxonomy

By using your view of key technologies, we can build your patent custom taxonomy, eliminating the need to manually review and tag patents.

Universal Technology Taxonomy

This first-of-it’s-kind taxonomy divides 45 million patents into ten super-classes and 121 sub-classes.