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Intellectual Property Strategy

Managing IP risk and value

Every company needs an IP strategy for dealing with value and risk

Intangible assets now account for the bulk of the value of most companies, and IP strategy is now a boardroom issue. LexisNexis Intellectual Property Solutions suite of patent analytics is key for any organization integrating its patent strategy with its business and IP strategy more generally.

Intellectual Property and Patents

IP strategy

Intellectual property strategy is essential

Intangible assets, including intellectual property, account for most enterprise value today.

Managing the future growth of any organization requires a clear IP strategy endorsed by all levels and functions within an organization.

IP Strategy

Patent Strategy as part of an IP Strategy

  • Patents are increasing in importance across all sectors with a greater share of budgets, allocated towards patent strategy as part of the overall IP strategy.
  • Over $40 billion is spent globally on patents each year.
  • Ensuring that your patent spend is allocated in line with any corporate or IP Strategy, requires a patent intelligence strategy. Our solutions enable IP professionals to make evidence-based decisions around their patent portfolio.

Developing an IP Strategy

Developing an IP strategy requires engagement from stakeholders across the business.

  • The importance of IP strategy should lie at the core of corporate policy right from a company’s earliest days.
  • Proactive engagement in an IP strategy can mitigate business risk in the future.
  • IP strategy forms part of any Corporate Strategy function of an organization.
  • Even a business that has no meaningful IP assets of its own is likely to be dependent on the IP it licenses from others.
  • Patent strategy is a key part of any Intellectual property strategy, and the high cost of patent portfolios is subject to scrutiny.
Example IP Strategy by LexisNexis Intellectual Property

Patent strategy is scrutinized by the CTO, CFO or board in most organizations

Patent Strategy Graph

Frequently Asked Questions

How to align patent strategy with business strategy?

Communication is critical to aligning patent strategy to your IP strategy more broadly. Many organizations establish an IP steering group with representatives from across the business, with senior stakeholders reporting directly to the board, typically quarterly.

What’s the best way to communicate patent strategy to the CFO, CTO and the board?

Patents have historically been regarded as a cost. Integrating strategic patent intelligence helps to develop a fresh narrative, where patents are now seen as strategic assets. This approach can help in mitigating the risk of litigation or adverse licensing outcomes. Find out more about communicating Portfolio Optimisation or Competitive Intelligence.

How to benchmark an IP portfolio to competitors and new entrants?

Benchmarking data can be slow, expensive and inaccurate, which erodes trust in patent intelligence and creates obstacles to comprehension of your patent strategy. Cipher classification maps patents to technologies using your technology lens. You can also automate the production of actionable benchmarking metrics.

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