Patent Custom Taxonomy

See the world through your own technology lens.

How a custom taxonomy helps you

Using your view of the key technologies, LexisNexis Cipher can design and build your patent custom taxonomy.

No more manual reviewing and tagging of patents because our we provide the ability to automatically view competitors or the entire patent landscape through the same technology lens. 


Your Custom Patent Taxonomy Design and Build

LexisNexis Cipher builds your patent taxonomy using classifiers in the framework that maps to your view of the technology landscape.  It uses positive and negative training data to build Classifiers with independently-verified accuracy. 

Once you have your classifiers you can quickly run reports to understand any key competitor changes or new entrants or spot key technology trends.

You can optimise your portfolio manage your patent budget and explore cross-licensing opportunities or portfolio monetisation options.

The benefit of having your own custom patent taxonomy

Graphic showing the Custom Taxonomy features - powered by LexisNexis

Sector Taxonomies

What could your custom patent taxonomy look like? Here are some sector taxonomies created with the LexisNexis Cipher platform.

Aerospace and Defense

Technologies include air turbine starters; electromagnetics; drone flight management systems; head-mounted displays (HMDs); and virtual cockpits.

Med-tech and Life Sciences

Strategic insight for the next generation of diagnosis and treatment for data-driven healthcare.


The industry standard for understanding the future of electric cars and the wider automotive industry.

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