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Why Cipher?

Because life’s too short to be counting and sorting patents manually.

Our mission is to enable a rational understanding of patents by:

Strategic Patent Intelligence

Providing the patent intelligence required by IP teams to support strategic patent decisions.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Automating all analysis that does not need to be conducted manually and developing machine learning algorithms with proven levels of accuracy.

Evidence-based decisions

Creating better ways to communicate the value of patents both internally and externally to key stakeholders.


100 Million Patent Families, 1 Million Owners

It’s painful to answer the foundational patent question, ‘who owns what?’

Cipher Classified Patent Data

Transform Your Productivity

LexisNexis Cipher customers say they have increased their productivity 36 times, allowing more time to be spent on patent strategy.

Bar graph showing the difference between before using Cipher, and afterwards.

Your Own Taxonomy

At the heart of Cipher classification sits your own view of the technology landscape. Custom Classifiers are built using seed patents to create a unique set of training data. 

You have your own taxonomy with all the classifiers you need so you can have an updated view of your world anytime…automated, efficient, repeatable.

LexisNexis Cipher delivers 96% accuracy from an independently-created test.

We use supervised machine learning for the classification of patents. Our customers trust us, not simply because of our Machine Learning algorithms; but because they know how the system works and can easily verify the accuracy of the results.

Cipher Classification accuracy has been independently tested and our work on creating Gold Standards has been published as a case study in World Patent Information, a leading industry journal.

On-Demand Webinars

On-Demand Webinar

Cipher Classifiers – Get Your View of the Technology Space

Ever wondered how you could get your view of the technology space without long, boolean strings or manual tagging? PatentSight is excited to announce that you can get your view of the technology space with Cipher Classifiers. 

Justify patent Budget
On-Demand Webinar

How to Justify Your Patent Budget

Not all patent portfolios are created equal, and it’s important to understand where you should allocate your patent budget to deliver the most value for your company.

On-Demand Webinar

Who Are Your Real Threats?

You can’t develop a risk mitigation strategy that is going to work without first obtaining a solid understanding of where threats to your patent portfolio might lie. Find out how you do this in our webinar ‘Who Are Your Real Threats?’ where we help you identify the red flags before they start waving.

On-Demand Webinar

Measuring the Accuracy of AI and Machine Learning for Classifying Patents – What’s the Gold Standard?

We hosted a webinar in collaboration with Patinformatics LLC around how we can test ML (machine learning) for its accuracy in classifying patents.

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Request a Demo of Cipher Classifiers

We are excited to show you an alternative to manually tagging patents and building long boolean queries to get your view of the technology landscape. With the automated classifiers, you can:

  • Pull through all the latest patents in the technology area
  • Analyze the results to understand new technology trends
  • Benchmark your portfolio against your competitors 
  • Optimize your portfolio for monetisation or risk management

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Game Over for the West?

Gaming is often at the forefront of innovation, with companies embracing new technology to satisfy their customers’ demand for novelty. This continual adoption of new technology makes it the perfect industry to examine with Cipher’s Universal Technology Taxonomy (UTT). Learn how Japan currently dominates gaming innovation.

Cipher Vision Podcast

Promoting SEPs Transparency

Episode 5 in Season 3 of the Cipher Vision Podcast series features Tim Pohlmann, CEO, LexisNexis IPlytics. He joins us to discuss the world of SEPs, from areas of conflict to new opportunities, sharing the benefits of clarity and drawing on high-quality data.

News & Press

LexisNexis enters into definitive agreement to acquire Aistemos and its Cipher classification platform

The acquisition further enhances PatentSight, LexisNexis flagship IP analytics solution.

why cipher classification

Classifying Patents Using Machine Learning

Whether you are trying to understand the competitive landscapebenchmark against it, review your portfolio, explore monetisation options or perform due diligence. It’s unrealistic to be able to read them all to find out.

Cipher can help.