USPTO Bulk Data Management

We have provided high-quality document management, data capture, database creation and electronic publishing services to the USPTO continuously since 1969.

Public access to patent information

Download a wide range of USPTO bulk data: Published patent applications, granted patents and public trademark information

The USPTO awarded Reed Tech a contract to host its published patent and trademark data on at, a website that allows users free access to U.S. patent and trademark information.

The bulk electronic data is organized by patents or trademarks and by issue or publication date. This format allows users to obtain datasets in bulk rather than by patent or trademark application or registration. Of interest to researchers, commercial vendors, academics and consultants, there are no restrictions on the use of the data in these products, unless otherwise prohibited by law or specific agreement.

Why USPTO Bulk Data?

USPTO bulk data allows for a single download to provide extensive documentation regarding patent information. Reviewing previous applications, granted patents, and public information can affect your current patent application or prosecution strategy.

  • Search and find common elements that are likely to cause confusion with your patent or trademark submission
  • Stay informed and find everything you need, without feeling overwhelmed with spurious results
  • Ability to search by department
  • Customize your search code