Gain insight into your application’s future to help you develop data-driven filing strategies

LexisNexis PathWays™ provides clear direction toward success when drafting patent applications

LexisNexis PathWays™

Draft your patent application to better target a favorable tech center group to get the best quality patent in the shortest amount of time

For decades, patent professionals have been working under the assumption that all patent examiners at the USPTO behave, more or less, the same way or that there may be some variability across different art units. But, when it comes down to the examiners within a single tech center group, the belief is they tend to behave the same and it turns out this assumption does not align with the actual evidence. The proof is now evident and easily available with the exclusive new Lottery Map™ metric available in PathWays™.

Pre-Filing Classification Reports™

Guide your application toward the most favorable art unit with advice from the experts experienced in assigning art units at the USPTO

LexisNexis® IP has collaborated with Serco to provide customized Pre-Filing Classification Reports. Serco has classified over four million patent applications and has developed domain knowledge in patent classification through their work as a classification provider to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office over the past decade.

A highly sophisticated best-of-class patent classification engine

Positively influence the likelihood and the time it takes to get your patent approved

PathWays accurately predicts the path your application is expected to take at the USPTO, and helps guide you toward the best technology center group by characterizing your invention in a way that will get you the best patent in the shortest time.

Easily target or avoid specific tech center groups for your invention

PathWays offers insight and unique visualizations of the “character” of technology center groups to which your application is most likely to be assigned

This feature provides guidance on ideas and themes around how you should frame your invention to either target or avoid a specific tech center group to get you the best patent in the shortest amount of time.

PathWays enables you to:


Direct your application to the most favorable group of examiners for your patent


Draft your application so it aligns with the tech center group that is most likely to get you the best patent in the shortest time

Use auto-populated lists based on your input to both target and avoid certain tech center groups

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