Draft informed, consistent and accurate Office action responses automatically

LexisNexis PatentOptimizer® automates and streamlines the Office action response process.

Drive More Value and Minimize Time Spent On Responses

Minimize the time that you spend on generating a response to an Office action by automating the process so that you can instead spend your time concentrating on more substantial, strategic work that drives value. Using automation technology, you can generate the responses you need in a fraction of the time.

The PatentOptimizer Office Action Response Tool enables you to…

Quickly retrieve and analyze pertinent cited prior art and related documents

Improve accuracy and consistency by reducing human error and manually intensive activities


Easily access needed data quickly and immediately know what is relevant

Auto-generate the desired response language specific to your Office action rejections and objections

Draft more informed, consistent and accurate office action responses with the new PatentOptimizer Office Action Response Tool. Easily view a summary of extracted Office Action objections and rejections, navigate to key provisions and generate a comprehensive office action response shell with this must-have technology.

PatentOptimizer Office Action Response Tool


Easily retrieve, download and automatically use OCR for related documents directly from the USPTO Public and Private PAIR sites. Data can be carried forward into any of the generated Office Action Response documents.

Prior Art

Capture prior art references cited in the Office action for quick review and further analysis.

Summary & Response

Generate a comprehensive Office action response shell using either a standard template provided or your own custom template. Includes objections, rejections and cited references so that you can easily analyze selected Office actions and preview potential response approaches.


This feature gives you the ability to traverse, amend or do both in your response. Easily preview a hierarchy that provides boilerplate response language that you can adapt.

Learn how you can improve accuracy and consistency in your Office action responses