IP Services for Patent Translation and File History

Get a wide array of information, documents and proprietary reports for all your patent prosecution and litigation needs.

IP Services

Satisfying intellectual property protection needs for over 25 years

If you need help with the litigation or prosecution of a patent, let IP Services do the research for you. We can provide a wide array of information, documents and proprietary reports. IP Services has been a leader in providing intellectual property support services since 1992.

U.S. Patent File Histories

Extensive USPTO and international patent file history inventory

Options include with or without cited references, parent cases or non-patent literature. All files are bookmarked and paper copies are tabbed and bound. With one of the largest private collections of U.S. patent file histories, many can be delivered to your desktop within minutes. IP Services maintains a network of sources around the world to be able to provide copies of international patent file histories, as well.

I know that I can count on IP Services for my patent-related information needs. I would not use anyone else.

Satisfied Customer

Professional Manual Translations

We support all languages and rush orders are available

Our manual translation services are performed by translators and editors who are experienced in the translation of prior art, patent applications for the USPTO, patent applications for international submission and drug applications to the FDA.

Professional & Machine Translations

Affordable machine translations of international patent documents

Machine-translated full-text patent documents are available for the following patent authorities: JP, KR, EP, WO, CN, DE, FR, GB, AT, AU, BE, BR, CH, DD, DK, EA, ES, FI, IE, IN, IT, LU, MC, MX, NL, RU, SE, SU, TW

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