As ever more talent flows into the field of intellectual property law, firms trying to establish or maintain a customer base in this increasingly competitive practice area need tools that will give them a distinct edge over their rivals.

LexisNexis PatentAdvisor®, a suite of data-driven services designed to bring patent prosecution and intellectual property protection into a more prosecution metrics-driven framework for decision making and client development, is such a tool.

PatentAdvisor enables intellectual property lawyers and law firms to increase patent prosecution efficiency, separate themselves from the competition, and win more clients.

Client development is the lifeblood of any law firm. With the PatentAdvisor law firm tool, a law firm can deploy hard facts and figures to demonstrate real differences between itself and its competitors. This law firm software creates reports that allow prospective clients to examine a firm’s history of patent prosecution efforts with comprehensive statistical data that permits comparative analysis with other law firms on past performance by art unit or even by individual patent examiner.

A firm can employ the knowledge exclusive to PatentAdvisor to gain more clients and get more work from current clients. Associates can use the PortfolioAdvisor reports within the tool to create more effective and faster patent prosecution processes. Predictive analytics generate forecasts to help ensure the most appropriate strategies will be used throughout the patent prosecution process while providing the information needed to give more faithful time estimates, write more successful responses and evaluate whether or how a prolonged prosecution should be continued.

Prosecution Advisor allows law firms to perform patent litigation research to see what has and what has not worked for applications that are comparable with respect to their art unit, the assigned patent examiner, their claims or their responses. Understanding the prosecution strategy that has succeeded or failed will allow firms to improve their own best practices for effective IP, with correspondingly better results for clients’ patents.

PatentAdvisor gives your firm the strategic intelligence it needs to become more efficient, increase margins and stand out from a growing crowd of intellectual property practitioners.

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