If you are the chief IP counsel for a company whose business is driven by its intellectual property holdings, you are expected to have a powerful command of the patent landscape that affects not only your own firm but that of the wider industries in which it does business.

The ever-quickening pace of invention demands that you be able to assess the status of dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of patents and patent applications belonging to your company and its competitors. You don’t need that information in a report at the end of the month, or even next week. You need it now.

LexisNexis® PatentAdvisor℠ can provide you with the information you need for effective patent portfolio management.

Available exclusively from LexisNexis, the suite of services in PatentAdvisor gives you the intelligence you need to help your company maintain its competitive advantage.

With tools and reports that will enable you to increase the efficiency of your group’s patent prosecution efforts while reducing the costs of maintaining the company’s IP portfolio, PatentAdvisor puts you in a position to advise your company on strategic decisions that affect its positioning in the global marketplace.

First: Your Briefcase. The PatentAdvisor briefcase allows you to personalize what you see and review according to what is important to your company and industry. The Briefcase brings individualization to viewing and filtering PAIR data and combines that with the LexisNexis PatentAdvisor predictive analytics to make for a powerful tool built to meet the specific needs of an individual, firm or corporation.

The briefcase will allow you to get a comprehensive patent portfolio overview. Statistical data on a company’s every prosecution and appeal effort is available at a glance. Sort and filter information by art unit, or even by the individual patent examiner. Quickly and easily find patents that are “off course” and need attention. Quickly spot the problem patent applications and obtain a diagnosis for the inefficiency. Realize when you are better off cutting your losses and abandoning a patent rather than pursuing (another) RCE. Get recommendations for how best to address stalled prosecutions. Find out which processes or personnel are draining your department’s resources and learn how to get them back on track.

Found only in PatentAdvisor, the budget tool help you effectively manage the financial impact of all patent prosecution activities. Forecast what the upcoming costs will be for the company’s pending applications. Plan your department’s expenditures using the forecasts from the PatentAdvisor budget service as a guide. The business world has long since adopted predictive analytics in almost every department; now it’s your turn.

In addition, PatentAdvisor prosecution reports give you visibility to previous results from other applications, art units and examiners. Use historical data to help write better claims and better responses and plan your next move. When is it time to file an RCE, request an interview or file an appeal? The prosecution reports will point towards the answers. The customizable reports will help make it clear when it is time to file an appeal or even to end a potentially wasteful prosecution and abandon an application.

Get the intelligence you need to properly command your patent portfolio.

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