patent-portfolio-alertsCompanies are constantly struggling to stay ahead of the tidal wave of information that floods their offices every day.  This is especially true for patentees who wish to maintain a competitive edge in an already crowded marketplace.  For companies and firms managing dozens of USPTO patent applications in various stages, staying up to date on critical information can be nearly impossible.  Applications that are doing well get more attention, while those that deserve more attention get buried in the white noise.  Inefficiencies and white noise are the death knell to patentees trying to maintain a vibrant and robust portfolio.

A system of customizable alerts that would indicate when an application meets a certain criteria would help critical data jump out from the background noise, which is precisely what LexisNexis® PatentAdvisor℠ allows you to do. In PatentAdvisor, companies can create a system “briefcase,” which contains a customizable list of patent applications.  Once saved to the briefcase, personalized data can be added to the portfolio via the meta-data management system.  This allows entities to sort and filter the applications based on such personal criteria as by client, by attorney, by custom name, etc.

PatentAdvisor goes a step further with its Prosecution Pattern Monitoring or PPM.  After a briefcase is assembled and personalized, PPM allows triggers to be configured that alert the practitioner when a certain condition of the application has been reached.  The parameters cover a wide range of possibilities, but include such things as when an Office Action issues from the USPTO, when an application has exceeded the examiner’s average time to allowance, or even the examiner’s allowance rate when it is assigned.  Once the triggers have been chosen by the practitioner, the system will automatically give an alert once the criterion has been met by one or more of the applications within the briefcase.  These alerts are displayed at the top of the PatentAdvisor screen as soon as the practitioner logs into the software.

In a world of sensory and data overload, PPM provides a convenient, easy-to-use, tool for the busy practitioner to stay on top of a multitude of patent applications.  By setting up automated alerts, practitioners can put their effort into other valuable areas and applications without the fear of missing important milestones in their existing portfolio.

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