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the impact of examiner interviews on prosecution outcomes

In this webinar we discuss patent examiner interview trends, how to properly leverage examiner interviews to improve prosecution outcomes, and possible solutions for encouraging more examiner interviews at the USPTO.

Trends in Health Care Technology

In this webinar will focus on trends in patent eligibility (35 U.S.C. 101) and claim language (35 U.S.C. 112). With examples from both the life sciences and high-tech sectors, we will walk through amendments made during prosecution and through allowance, looking at language added to overcome examiner rejections. 


In this final webinar of a three-part series, our panelists cover litigation trends by examiner type, including the impact of the examiner type on IPRs at the PTAB in terms of number and winning percentages.

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Use Patent Data to Understand USPTO Examiners

Getting to know someone is hard and getting to the level of really understanding someone takes even more effort . . . usually. When it comes to patent prosecution, patent data and analytics make the process to understand USPTO examiners easier than ever. Here are a...