PatentAdvisor™ Benchmarking Reports

PatentAdvisor Benchmarking Reports™

March 3, 2020

*Benchmarking Reports is now Business Development & Analysis in PatentAdvisor.

Easily and objectively compare prosecution outcomes for law firms and companies with the most accurate and objective prosecution performance metrics available. The all-new real-time, fully-customizable LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® Benchmarking Reports provide reliable comparisons of law firms and corporations. By taking examiner difficulty out of the equation and scoring purely for efficiency, the proprietary PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score™ enables objective prosecution performance comparisons.

The Benchmarking Reports allow for two types of comparisons:

  1. With the outside counsel report, you can easily compare how different law firms are performing for the same company.
  2. The competitive analysis report enables you to quickly see how different law firms/corporations compare to each other in a particular technology area.

The efficiency chart visualization enables you to easily see which law firms are working the most efficiently and the most effectively. The most effective and efficient law firms can be found in the top right corner.

Patent Efficiency Chart

The foundation of the Benchmarking Reports is the PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score, which is a proprietary metric that was designed to overcome the issue of outcome variability at the USPTO. The Efficiency Score is normalized for examiner difficulty, and is based solely on efficiency. The Efficiency Score does not penalize for abandonments unless the abandonment happened after a significant investment of time and money.

Unlike allowance rate, the PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score is:

  • Normalized for examiner difficulty
  • Normalized for number of applications
  • Not directly penalized for abandonments

We know that some patent examiners are more difficult than others, so we created the PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score to take examiner difficulty out of the equation. We have ranked every patented and abandoned application in our system for efficiency, based on different standards for red (difficult), yellow (average) and green (easy) examiners.

Based on their application scores, each law firm and corporation will receive:

  • A red examiner score
  • A green examiner score
  • A yellow examiner score
  • An overall score that is a weighted average of their red, yellow and green scores

The scores range from 0 to 100, with the average being 50.

Patent Examiner Scores

The PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score leverages the PatentAdvisor® Smart Detection System to provide the best accuracy available.

This enhanced level of detail and normalized data is provided by the exclusive PatentAdvisor™ Smart Detection System. By looking at data from multiple sources within the Patent Center record and incorporating elements of artificial intelligence, the Smart Detection System is able to determine which law firm should be assigned to an application with a greater degree of accuracy than ever before available. We pull from multiple sources within the Patent Center record, including the response documents, and then assign the law firm as the one that handled the majority of the office actions. If there is no majority, we will assign the most recent firm.

The Benchmarking Reports also include a comparison of the time to allowance for any law firm and/or corporation you choose to include in the analysis.

PatentAdvisor Time Allowane

In order to enable you to get to an even deeper level of detail and insight, there are additional charts you can generate based on specific prosecution actions.

PatentAdvisor Metrics

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