Patent Analytics Software for IP Professionals

Better communicate the value of your IP and bring predictability to patent processes using patent analytics software.

Improve your IP strategies with patent analytics software

Make more informed decisions, increase productivity, reach regulatory compliance, and ultimately, achieve successful results by using the advanced data and insights available in patent analytics software. Effectively communicate and action your findings with powerful tools and visualizations, enabling you to turn your patent department or your law firm into a strategic consulting unit.

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Patent analytics software for business intelligence

How LexisNexis® PatentSight® evaluates patent portfolios based on quality and quantity of patents

Patent portfolios usually contain a mix of patents that are both commercially relevant and those that are not. PatentSight® provides unique metrics and analytical capabilities to equip decision-makers with actionable intelligence.

Business intelligence use cases supported by patent analytics software

R&D and innovation

Improve innovation with a clearly defined IP strategy that is connected to the business goals and alerts for new entrants and potential partners.

intelligence & benchmarking

Base decision-making on true patent portfolio strength and quality indicators while relying on industry-proven KPIs to track your competitors’ progress.

Portfolio optimization

Answer key questions to define international patent filing strategy, increase portfolio efficiency, and identify competitive strengths and weaknesses.

Disruptive technology scouting

Identify disruptive innovations and promising startups to help you gain a competitive edge.

Risk assessment

Stay one step ahead of your competition, disruptive technologies, important patent activity in China, and/or NPE threats. Efficiently assess the value or risk of acquisition targets.

Licensing & monetization

With analytics on all patent portfolios in all technologies, you can both evaluate your most valuable patents for licensing and even identify potential licensees.

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Patent analytics software for patent prosecution

Bring predictability and productivity to your patent prosecution process through actionable insights to improve prosecution strategies, reduce client risks and deliver strong outcomes. Save time and money with relevant data at the point of need and identify at-risk applications early on. 

How analytics support the patent prosecution process

Save time and money

Access reliable examiner statistics directly in USPTO’s PAIR and Patent Center and identify at-risk applications early on.

Efficiently manage your resources

Identify cases that require extra management based on a carefully crafted prosecution strategy.

Improve prosecution outcomes and stakeholder expectations

Powerful examiner analytics enable transparency and predictability.

Evaluate the performance of competing firms

Measure corporate and law firm prosecution performance against USPTO averages.

Want to leverage patent analytics to boost your IP strategy?

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Patent Search

Access extensive patent databases through our search tool, LexisNexis TotalPatent One®, including the full text from a market-leading 66 authorities, bibliographic and abstract data from a further 43 authorities.

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Application Drafting

Write high-quality patents with precision using LexisNexis® PatentOptimizer®. Create consistent, accurate, and more informed office action responses that reduce human error, manually intensive activities, and overall costs.

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Brand Protection

Protect your brand and safeguard your customers from global, systemic IP infringement with LexisNexis® Brand Protection powered by Appdetex. Efficiently identify and investigate high-value targets, no matter where and how they are operating.