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July 31, 2023

ML4Patents Cipher webinar replay

Cipher recently launched the first taxonomy to provide a consistent and objective analysis of patented technologies owned by all companies globally.

Harnessing the latest in machine learning, the Universal Technology Taxonomy (UTT) provides a fast and effective way to understand global technology trends and to compare the innovation profile of companies, competitors and technology landscapes.

The ML4Patents Cipher webinar addressed the use of machine learning to develop the UTT.  It looked at the key applications of this unique solution and the reasoning behind why a Universal Technology Taxonomy is necessary.



Webinar recording and UTT handout

From the recording, you will be able to discover:

  • How the UTT was designed and the ML behind it
  • What patent risk and value questions are answered with the UTT
  • The potential for the UTT to promote transparency for investors and advisers

Download the Universal Technology Taxonomy

The UTT can give you an objective view of patented technologies globally and also provide details of:

  • 10 technology Superclasses
  • 122 technology Sub-classes and their scope definitions

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