Automotive Lidar – Understanding the implications of rapid change

Graphic of a car on a green radial, representing lidar technology

Automotive Lidar is rapidly changing, are you up to speed?

LexisNexis Cipher and Global Prior Art (GPA) discussed the rapidly changing technology and player landscape in Automotive Lidar in this joint webinar. Some of the new angles relating to Automotive Lidar are:

  • The 400 new entrants to the Lidar technology space in the last four years
  • Declining technologies and rising technologies
  • The rise of China
  • The cost implications of the different technologies required to succeed


  • Bruce Rubinger, CEO, Global Prior Art
  • Benedikt Biechele, Senior Project Manager – Semiconductors & Electronics Group, Global Prior Art
  • Brendan Sever, Vice President, Engineering – Semiconductors and Electronics, Global Prior Art


Supporting material

Cipher and Global Prior Art worked together to produce a study, which looked at the patent landscape for lidar technology.

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