How to Use ML to Create Your Own Patent Landscape

Young woman and man smiling during an online training session.

About the ML webinar

“Automation is coming to everybody’s jobs. And you can either look at that fearfully, or you can actually embrace it and you can get excited about the efficiencies that it creates, the opportunity it creates for you to do more value-added work.” – Tony Trippe, Founder of 

There has never been a better time to develop in-house ML capabilities to automate, improve and speed up your workflows.

In our webinar, we discussed how Cipher Certified, our unique coaching and support programme, allows you to do exactly that.

We provide training so that your team can build the competency required to create custom classifiers, enabling you to take control of the technology scopes and boundaries that form your view of the patent landscape.

What was covered:

  • Cipher: Who are we? 
  • Cipher Certified: How do we empower users?
  • Classifiers: What is our ML approach to identifying patents?



Watch the webinar recording

  • LexisNexis Cipher – who are we?
  • Cipher Certified: How do we empower users?
  • Communicating your strategy to mitigate risk to your organisation

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