How to Implement Risk Mitigation Strategies

Graphic of a hand turning a dial labelled 'Risk' between 'Low', 'Medium' and High'

October 26, 2022

Understand your level of risk

82% of patent owners will face patent risk in the next two years. So, how do you understand where your patent risk is coming from?

Our informative 60-minute webinar will help you learn what to do next to reduce the patent risk you face.

The session provides answers to these questions around risk mitigation:

  • Who should be on your threat list today and mid-to-long term?
  • How do you assess which of your own business and growth objectives could lead to increased risk?
  • How do you get to the materiality of that risk through the LexisNexis Cipher risk model?
  • What are your options to reduce that risk and quantify those reductions in terms of materiality?
  • How do you communicate this message to the C-suite?


  • Kacper Gorski, Head of Risk Solutions, LexisNexis Cipher
  • Siddhartha Singh, Solutions Analyst, LexisNexis Cipher


Watch the webinar recording

Screen from Risk Mitigation Strategies webinar
  • A reminder on how to identify your threats
  • Options for patent risk mitigation
    • Acquisition and divestment
    • Cross licensing with key organisations
    • Licensing patents
  • Communicating your strategy to mitigate risk to your organisation

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