Building a Strategic Patent Portfolio

May 21, 2021

Building a Strategic Patent Portfolio

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As a company with an innovative idea, the only way to avoid being outplayed by the big corporations with a stronger market position is to make sure you play your cards right. “When entering new markets, companies often encounter patent infringements. Simultaneously, big, powerful American and Chinese tech giants are fighting a relentless battle for the ownership of intellectual property. If you want to be a serious player and survive this battle, you need to be properly equipped”, says Didier Patry – CEO at the public-private company France Brevets, which supports French corporations in building a strategic patent portfolio.

An important element of the ‘armor’ that any company with a valuable idea needs is solid, sophisticated strategic patent portfolio management, according to Didier Patry. However, obtaining the full picture requires a lot of insights. You need to know the status of your competitors’ patents, and you need to clearly map out the balance of power. And equally important: you have to be able to compare this to your own patent portfolio and use the data to strengthen that portfolio or complete it if necessary.

The most important, yet most complex, factor in this equation is not quantity, but the quality of the patents. What value do they represent? To determine that value, France Brevets uses the Patent Asset Index™, which is part of the LexisNexis® PatentSight® solution. In this on-demand webinar, Didier Patry shares his most valuable insights.

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