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With Issue-Tagged PTAB Decisions Search

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Legal issues analysis for Patent Trial and Appeal Board ex parte decisions now available in LexisNexis PatentAdvisor®

Last year more than 7,500 decisions were made by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB)—most resulting from a lengthy, costly process for prosecutors. Yet each decision can be an important resource to support and streamline the prosecution process, making extracting, tagging, and organizing relevant patent appeal content a critical component in their workflow.

Deliver more accurate and relevant prosecution guidance and quickly find winning arguments using PTAB Decisions exclusively from LexisNexis PatentAdvisor. With access to valuable historical appeals information, PTAB Decisions makes LexisNexis the only prosecution analytics platform featuring over 111,000 ex parte appeal documents dating back to 2007, tagged to 217 legal issues.  

PTAB Decisions IssueTagged Search Helps You 

Find Winning Arguments

Reveal the substance behind the statistics to guide specific strategy and get insights into additional information about examiner behavior that is beneficial throughout all stages of the prosecution process.

Build Better Office
Action Responses

By indexing ex parte appeal decisions from the PTAB and tagging by specific legal issues, patent prosecutors can identify the right arguments for office action responses. 

Overcome Rejections

Simply input an examiner name or art unit, filter for reversals and then quickly distill which arguments and case law the Board found persuasive in overturning an application’s current rejection.

Relevant Data,
Expertly Maintained 

When new decisions are handed down from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, the PatentAdvisor PTAB dataset is updated. Decisions are tagged with relevant legal issues using AI-supported algorithms and validated by patent experts.

PTAB Decisions makes LexisNexis the only prosecution analytics platform featuring over 111,000 ex parte appeal documents tagged to 217 legal issues dating back to 2007.

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