Dependably Monitor Your Patent Application Status

LexisNexis® PAIR Watch delivers USPTO PAIR data to your inbox
Enterprise-level monitoring made easy
Follow patent applications to stay up-to-date on prosecution status
PAIR Watch monitors the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Public PAIR website and sends alerts regarding updates to the Image File Wrapper, Continuity Data or Transaction History. Checks can be performed monthly, weekly or even daily. Affordable and convenient, PAIR Watch enables dependable enterprise-level monitoring capabilities.
PAIR Watch patent monitoring service fully automates public patent application tracking for one patent application or hundreds or thousands of patent applications. Because months can pass between incremental changes in status, PAIR Watch minimizes errors or omissions in patent application tracking, especially for law firms that may be monitoring a number of their own, clients’, or competitors’ patent applications.
PAIR Watch is not only reliable and dependable, but also very affordable. When you have confidence in the service being provided, you are able to get a better night’s sleep.

Director of Legal Services at a Large Law Firm

Application monitoring you can rely upon
Monitor one patent application—or 1,000—in three simple steps
  1. Simply specify the application numbers and the frequency of the watch
  2. Let the PAIR Watch service track any patent application you wish—yours or another entity’s
  3. Receive email alerts that help you stay on top of office actions, amendments and other changes

PAIR Watch can be configured to send email alerts to multiple individuals in the patent monitoring workflow based on the needs of your organization. In addition to monitoring your clients’ patent applications, you may also want to monitor clients’ competitor’s patent applications to predict their future market strategy, identify infringing technology, or find new avenues for growth. Checks can be performed monthly, weekly, daily, or even twice a day. Affordable and convenient, PAIR Watch enables fail-proof enterprise-level monitoring capabilities.

When you need to watch a large number of applications you can easily upload a spreadsheet with up to 1,000 application numbers. Pricing is simple, predictable, and affordable―based on the frequency of alerts. The Subscription tab provides up-to-date information on projected costs and the account balance.

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Why does a Patent Status Matter?

Patent status is important to pay attention to as an inventor, applicant, and business. When submitting new patent applications, a prior art search can show what ideas are already in process that may be similar to yours. As an inventor, having a patent that can be found in an active application status can also help others to see your idea and deter them from developing a similar patent or idea. And while not providing actual legal security, having a patent in a pending status can discourage theft. As a business, knowing what patents are currently in an active status paints a clearer picture of the organization’s assets.