Today’s practitioners face significant pressures that require a transformation from their previous methodologies. Successful patent attorneys are leveraging patent analytics to help increase efficiency, accuracy and consistency in their patent prosecution.

LexisNexis IP® has launched a new proprietary tool to help automate and streamline Office action responses, the LexisNexis PatentOptimizer® Office Action Response Tool. Built by patent attorneys for patent attorneys, this tool enables practitioners to deliver more accurate responses in a shorter time frame.

Three Benefits of the PatentOptimizer® Office Action Response Tool:

1. Improve productivity

Automate and streamline the process of creating high-quality patent applications and generating office action responses with tools that enable you to extract and analyze prior art, auto-generate desired response language specific to the rejection or objection and quickly retrieve relevant documents. Using automation technology, you can generate the responses you need in a fraction of the time.

2. Achieve better accuracy and consistency in your responses

Draft more informed, consistent and accurate Office action responses by reducing human error and manually intensive activities.

Easily view a summary of extracted Office action objections and rejections, navigate to key provisions and generate a comprehensive Office action response shell with this must-have technology.

3. Drive more strategic value

Minimize the time spent on generating a response to an Office action so you can maximize your efforts on more substantial, strategic work that drives value. By reducing the amount of time and effort spent on mundane tasks, you can drive more value and reduce the time spent on drafting Office action responses

Drive efficiency and improve the accuracy and consistency of Office action responses by reducing human error and manually intensive activities with the new PatentOptimizer Office Action Response Tool. You can achieve more accurate responses more quickly by leveraging this feature in PatentOptimizer. Learn more here.

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